Autism started with the DPT
The DPT vaccine for whooping cough came out in the 1940’s, something only the wealthy could afford, so the first cases of autism appeared amongst them, blamed on the mothers. Experts have always overlooked shots, at first they called it ‘Refridgerator Mother Syndrome’. The Japanese figured it out in the 1950’s when they gave the DPT to a small group and witnessed Autism for the first time. The vaccine has always used deadly tetanus and diphtheria toxins to make it work, causing a huge immune response so ALL foreign proteins are attacked. Only by default, is the target germ swept up in the battle and attacked, which is benign Pertussis here. All foreign proteins present will be attacked, hence allergies are the learned immune response. The dead bacteria vaccines work by the Principle of Allergic Reaction, creating reactions to common food, dead bugs in dust and dander, and even the seeds floating in the air.
Dtap/tdap is decaffeinated version of DPT with same lethal dose for 50lb of Tetanus & Diphtheria Toxin – in both major brands used on babies, Pediarix has 25 Lf Diphtheria Toxin (pentacel = 10 Lf dip toxin). To understand how lethal that is, adult shots are only 2.5 Lf dip Toxin.

Bad Reactions to TOXIN shot
Manufacturer’s Notes on common “adverse events” (bad reactions) from the DtaP (whooping cough), now put in other shots. Super toxic being the MLD (minimum lethal dose) of deadly toxin for a 50lb child, given to babies. It needs to EXACT amount of Anti-Toxin or it will kill (SIDS) or leave them on the Spectrum from loss in the Limbic.

Right after:
EEG disturbances with encephalopathy,
Serious and acute neurological disorders,
Complicated convulsions (with or without fever),
Persistent and Inconsolable Crying (lasting 3 hrs or more),
Unusual & High-pitched Crying,
Collapse (hypotonic-hyporesponsive episode),
Severe Neurological Complications.
Within 24 hours:
Fever, Drowsiness,
Fretfulness, Vomiting, Anorexia,
Persistent and Inconsolable Crying,
High-pitched and Unusual Cry,
Collapse (hypo-tonic-non-responsive episode),
Convulsions, Acute Encephalopathy,
Permanent Neurological Deficit.
Beyond 48 hours:
Chronic Neurological Damage, SIDS,
Infantile Spasm,
Guillain-Barre Syndrome,
Learning Disabilities,
Attention-deficit Disorder,
Shock and “Unusual shock-like” state,
Protracted & Inconsolable Cry,
Peripheral Mononeuropathy,
Aseptic Meningitis,
Acute Encephalopathy,
Reye Syndrome.

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