To The Truth Barrier, regarding Tribeca Film Festival’s abrupt about-face cancellation of the film Vaxxed: From Cover-up to Catastrophe:

It read:


“The pressure came from the Sloan Foundation in New York, that apparently has some financial ties with Tribeca Film Festival. Worth Investigating.”


A cursory Google reveals this orgy of tangled big money, big vaccine dreams, and big scientific bankruptcy.


How that AIDS vaccine coming along, Sloan Foundation?


It was first promised in 1984, “within two years,” by Robert Gallo. That was 32 years ago.


As for Sloan Foundation and The Tribeca Film Festival, there’s this.


“The Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, in partnership with the Tribeca Film Institute, provides funding for narrative features or series that are scientifically relevant, accurate, and exciting through the TFI Sloan Filmmaker Fund.”


In short: A major donor to the endeavors of Tribeca Film Institute extended its reach to crush a film it neither funded, nor had anything to do with.


How is that reasonable, or acceptable, in a democratic society of the arts?


So, it was not their favorite film. Where in its contract with Tribeca does it state that they may reach across and crush films they did not fund, and do not “approve” of?


We shall investigate.

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