I’m angry. So fucking angry…

When I first heard about Tribeca airing the new Dr. Wakefield documentary Vaxxed, I was stoked. Finally a platform where the truth can come out. Everyone that is a bit involved within the pro choice movement knows about William Thompson, but who does outside of us. I really though that this much needed attention would bring out the truth about the CDC cover up. I thought this would pressure the US congress to hear Thompson out and put pressure on the mainstream media to report the truth on this issue.

I read what Robert De Niro said about him personally pushing for this film to be screened. I read about his personal struggle with autism. And I read about him, like many other families around the world, just wanting an open discussion. A discussion about the rise of autism and why this might be, We are dealing with a massive health crisis and no stone should be left unturned.

I thought we would have a discussion. I thought that Thompson’s claims would finally make it into the mainstream news. He is not lying. The claims are true. Nobody is denying that. The CDC has mislead the public for years. The CDC has denied any link between vaccines and autism for years, while covering up any research that might expose their secret.

memestupid-357x450I thought this would be big news. I thought many parents around the world would wake up and realise that vaccines are potentially dangerous. That vaccines have been linked to autism and that the authorities which are supposed to protect you have been doing the exact opposite, for years.

I was right. This movie poses such a big threat to the cash cow of big pharma, they brought out the big guns. Within hours of De Niro telling the world Tribeca would be screening this movie, the shills of big bad pharma were out in force. Not just the usual trolls on Facebook and Twitter. No, within hours the whole mainstream media machine around the world was reporting on the despicable act that Tribeca was committing. It was a coordinated attack with only one goal. Discredit the movie and stop Tribeca from screening it. “There is no debate”. “There is no risk in vaccinating”.
The pressure got too large for Bobbie De Niro. He is a family man. He is not the tough guy he plays in most of his movies. He isn
‘t going to stand up to the bullies. And although I’m very angry with him and I wish he would have stood his ground. I can’t blame him. I know that these vested interests behind vaccines are capable or horrific things. They are a mafia like the world has never seen. They are part of the largest drug paddlers in the world. And although legal, behind the scenes, they use the same tactics as their illegal and underground counterparts.
The pressure would have come from all directions. From powerful politicians in the pocket of big pharma. Powerful businessman with interests in the vaccine industry and from the inside of the Tribeca Film Festival. Unfortunately for Bobbie the Sloan Foundation has been a proud sponsor of the festival for years. The same Sloan Foundation that is responsible for the swine flu vaccine and the ever failing influenza vaccines coming out every winter. They are also heavily involved in the developmental AIDS vaccine. I’m sure some people on the board of this prestigious foundation were on the phone with Bobbie as soon as he was finished telling the world about Vaxxed.


7f920168def92c0828b52d38e08dfb00What are they afraid of? Why is it that a festival that has shown some controversial films in the past. But hey none of those jepordised the cash cow of one of the world’s leading industries. But what are they afraid of. Is it that Andrew Wakefield produced it. The same Dr. Wakefield they have spend millions discrediting. And he just won’t go away. Is it that William Thompson is a main part of this documentary? Or is it the fact that what Thompson is whistleblowing about goes much further than a government agency lying to the public? What Thompson is saying is that the CDC knew in 2005 that Wakefield might have been on the right path. The same CDC that is supposed to be there for the people. Not for the corporations.

There is a silver lining. Despite all this controversy and the movie being pulled, the facts are now exposed. The fact are that the CDC committed fraud. The fact are that the CDC might have been able to stop this autism epidemic. Just imagine if this had come out in 2005. We may have had safer vaccines by now. Instead the CDC kept their mouth shut and watched the autism rate rise.

This movie will be released, one way or the other. Big pharma has shown endlessly that they don’t care about human rights. They’d rather censor a movie than have a discussion. What are they so afraid of? If there is no debate, it should be a very easy for them to win. But they run scared. They know their science is wrong. They know the only reason they are maintaining this status quo, is because they have the power and the money. They have their paid internet trollies and shills. They own mainstream media.

imagesBut they don’t own me. They don’t own us. And people should realise this and wake up to the facts. Why censor a movie from discredited doctor. A “quack”? Why go to all this trouble? Because they are threatened. This movie is threatening all they have, as well as all that they are.

So let’s all go out there and watch it. Share it. Do viewings. Have discussions and be open minded about this topic.


Thank you William Thompson and Andrew Wakefield for keeping on fighting despite all the negativity coming at you. We are there to support you by the millions. We stand united….



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