What About Immunizations? exposes the vaccine reactions and failures common to vaccines used today and shows why the benefits do not outweigh the risks of vaccination while exposing the cultural conditioning behind vaccine practices. It examines what influences vaccine science, and explains why the vaccine philosophy is pervasive in our society.

The vaccine philosophy often interferes with common sense. As more and more negative effects of vaccines are discovered, people are faced with increasing pressure to conform to vaccine practices. This book offers a common sense approach and an alternate point of view when it comes to making an extremely important decision whether to vaccinate.

What About Immunizations? is a practical guide to vaccine decision-making.

  • Answers 21 popular questions and explores difficult choices in the vaccine controversy
  • Lists 10 things to ask yourself about vaccines
  • Tells you the 3 things all vaccines have in common
  • Offers a “philosophy quiz”

“This book is a priceless tool for every parent.”
~ Today’s Chiropractic

“Thank you for writing your book. Sincerely it’s the best I’ve read.”
~ California

“I found your book clear and professional.”
~ Michigan

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