They say [thimerosal is not in childhood vaccines]. First of all, that’s not true. Thimerosal is still used in the vaccine manufacturing process. They just don’t add it as a preservative anymore. But you still have a certain level—about one-tenth the level that used to be there is still there.

And all the vaccines that are used in multiple dose vials, like the flu vaccine that they recommend for six-month old children, still contain thimerosal. They’re getting a bolus dose of mercury… when you inject your baby with the flu vaccine at the local clinics. It’s the same as it was in 1985 when they started the CDC-mandated program. It’s quite a high level, it’s 12.5 micrograms per dose of mercury. That means it would be safe for a baby to take, according to EPA standards, eating fish if the baby weighed 275 pounds.

It’s not against the law to give thimerosal-containing vaccines. And an HMO can go to the vaccine manufacturer or state health agency and say, “We want to buy vaccines and we want the cheapest because we don’t have a big budget. Can I buy this thimerosal-containing vaccine for our children, for the children that are being vaccinated in our state, our location, HMO?” And yes they can. It’s not against the law.

— Boyd Haley, PhD, chemistry/biochemistry

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