Silence Of Anti-Vaccination Parents Considered New ‘Threat’ By Fascist Regimes


It is amazing, really, that an obvious cause and effect can play out right in front of everyone’s eyes and yet somehow, the greater portion of government officials end up surprised by it? I’m talking about the cause (berating, humiliating parents who choose not to vaccinate their children) and the effect (those same parents who just stop telling anyone about their medical decision). It should be rather obvious that if you create an environment of hostility for people who choose to exercise a human right not to vaccinate their children, you could potentially alienate them and cause them to eventually become rather withdrawn.

However in Australia, government officials and health officials are somehow surprised that this has begun to occur in their country. So surprised that they had to carry out a research study to confirm it was actually happening, according to BorderMail.

Edith Cowan University researchers interviewed a group of parents from an anti-vaccination cluster area about their reasons for not immunising their children.

All the parents said they hadn’t told their extended family and friends that their children weren’t vaccinated.

“They don’t want the confrontation, they’re tired of people questioning their choices, and they don’t want to justify their decision, so they just don’t tell people,” researcher Bronwyn Harman said, noting it was a very polarising and emotive issue.

“This is a huge problem if Australia-wide we’ve got a group of people choosing not to vaccinate their children and they’re not telling people. We need to stop vilifying these people so they are able to identify themselves so we don’t put people who do choose to vaccinate at risk.”

The anti-vaccination parents were very mistrustful of the government and doctors, suspecting that they were in the pocket of the pharmaceutical companies. “They if they can believe everything they’re being told,” Dr Harman said. “They think the government in particular, and doctors, are trying to scare people into vaccinating their kids.”

The first baffling aspect of this excerpt is that a study was required in order for the government to grasp that if you stomp all over people for their beliefs, they might start hiding from you. They might stop communicating with you because you have created a hostile environment embedded deep in dogmatic concepts which aren’t flexible in the least. You don’t want a roundtable discussion, you don’t want to meet in the middle, you want to cull out those who don’t think like you do and humiliate them, legislate them and jail them. Your fascist regime hiding under the guise of free will and choice isn’t fooling anyone.

The second important portion we should pay attention to here is that this study is really intended to help the government “identify” those who choose not to vaccinate their children. The actual concern here is not that they’ve alienated a portion of society, rather, that they’ve caused people to hide from them. Now they want to find them. Remember when Jews hid from Nazis? Of course, they hid from Nazis. But Nazis became frustrated and wanted them identified. So they found ways to identify them. What’s all that different in this case? The fact is that this is overly transparent in terms of agenda. All you are saying here is that silence is a threat and that you need to find a way to solve it. That type of rhetoric can in no way be anything other than an attempt to identify groups of people based on their beliefs. What if we were worried about identifying atheists in the United States? Why would we do that? There is no good reason we’d ever do that and this is unquestionably the same thing.

What are the options from here? Will Australian people eventually be subjected to forms when they get a driver license? Will health officials knock on their doors and ask for vaccine cards? The future is not looking good for anyone when it comes to medical freedom. I doubt highly this “research” is for any philanthropic reasons or to bridge the gap between those who want vaccines and those who want the choice to refuse a vaccine.

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