“There is another set of commitments without which no man is a scientist. The scientist must, for example, be concerned to understand the world and to extend the precision and scope with which it has been ordered. That commitment must, in turn, lead him to scrutinize, either for himself or through colleagues, some aspect of nature in great empirical detail. And, if that scrutiny displays pockets of apparent disorder, then these must challenge him to a new refinement of his observational techniques or to a further articulation of his theories.”

— Thomas S. Kuhn, The Structure of Scientific Revolutions


There are countless pockets of apparent disorder in mainstream vaccine science. Many of them are so obvious that it is rather absurd than any semi-intelligent person—and certainly doctors, medical scientists and public health officials—would not see them, and thus re-evaluate their assumptions, observations, scientific data and theories. That’s the way pure science works. And that’s the problem… mainstream vaccine science isn’t pure science, but rather the kind of science that is influenced and manipulated by politics, public policy, business, a poor reading of history, apathy and fear. It has been corrupted, and thus it remains static, resistant to change despite new information that demonstrates clearly it must change. In other words, it is notscience at all. It’s something else.

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