What is Naet therapy and how is it a natural allergy remedy?


Last week I told you of my health breakdown. If you didn’t read it, go read it now. It’ll save me rewriting and help you follow as I explain what is Naet therapy and how is it a natural allergy remedy.

Trust me, you want to follow this post, especially if you have any kind of health issue at the moment.

Most likely you are suffering from an allergy. It was evident to me, I was. I knew a gluten allergy was definite and I suspected a peanut one. I found it difficult to believe this could be so since I had eaten peanuts and gluten all my life without a problem.

I’ve been learning a lot about food and how our body reacts to certain allergens. Allergens don’t necessarily take the form of food, they can be anything in our environment. Those of you who itch when cats come by understand.

Allergens can also come in the form of emotions too. Can you get anything more bizarre than being allergic to something like joy? Fiona and I had a giggle with that one today.

“For the next 25 hours you must not feel any emotion at all. Just sleep and don’t dream.”

We also cracked up when she began treating me for heat. “What? Do I have to avoid heat for 25 hours?” I nearly panicked. “I’m vata. I can’t stand the cold.” I envisioned me sleeping on the bed naked with icicles sprouting from me.

“Yeah, you have to go outside and sleep on the grass tonight Caroline. No. We are just combining the heat with the grain. You cook grains so the heat is causing an issue with it.”

Fiona is my Naet therapist and at the moment we are working on healing my gluten allergy. I’ve been waiting 3 months to see a doctor to get a diagnosis so I can make a plan. It took Fiona 2 minutes to muscle test me for gluten.

“Oh my God, will you look at that.” She breathed in sharply as she tested all my organs. “Oh dear it is affecting all your organs. Look at that. You have no strength whatsoever.”

Only a few months ago, my sister told me she was tested for her gluten allergy by a kinesiologist. I laughed at the idea of muscle testing and could not see it as legit.

Now I am a devout believer.


Naet therapy is Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Techniques, an alternative healing technique that combines the practices of kinesiology, acupuncture and energy healing. It was created by Devi Nambudripad in 1983 and since then she has healed thousands of people suffering from all manner of allergies and illnesses. I am reading her book Say Good-bye to Illness  and to see the health challenges she had and the transformation as a result of this therapy is amazing.

As are the case studies in her book and Fiona’s story.

Fiona was taking antihistamines for her allergies 365 days a year. They would hit her the moment she would wake until she went to sleep. After Naet treatment, she no longer takes antihistamines and has a pet dog- an impossibility before.  Naet also helped cure her penchant for cigarettes. Within 3 days her cravings were completely gone.

How Naet therapy is not more well known I have no idea. I’m still grappling to get my head around how this works, but I’m learning to let go of the need to understand and just rejoice in the magic of it. My treatment is opening my mind to the power of the body to heal itself and to talk to us.

Yes, our body tells us what we need through various signals. It warns us about what we should and shouldn’t be eating. And it tells us how we can heal.

I’m doing all the healing, Fiona is just facilitating it for me through her knowledge and my body is talking to her as we go.


Anyone who practices Naet therapy has to have a background in medicine. Fiona has been a nurse for 36 years and has now embraced this way of healing. A strong knowledge of the body, its organs and neural pathways is needed.

A strong knowledge on the Chinese principles of chi is also required.

Chi is the flow of energy. Our chi flows through meridian points in our body. Our allergies arise because of a blockage in these energy pathways. The blockage acts like a dam wall. Everything on the other side of the dam wall does not receive the energy it needs and so issues start arising. On the side of the blockage is there is an overflow of energy so it spills back and runs via other channels and tributaries which causes all sorts of problems. The blocking of the meridians is one of the quickest defence mechanism for the brain in its attempt to stop the allergen from entering deeper into the body.

The body then succumbs to health problems: body aches, headaches, sore throats, infections, fatigue, sleep disorders, depression, sores in the mouth, digestive issues and more. This is what was happening to me. Every day I was hit with more symptoms and I slowly began to fall apart.

This also explains why someone can go for many years without an allergy and then all of a sudden it comes on. It is because one day the slowly building dam wall is finished and the effects of the allergen are felt.

Basically my chi was fucked!


“But how does this all happen?” I queried Fiona for about the tenth time. “How can you be allergic to vitamin C, it’s so good for you?”

“But, how can anyone be allergic to anything? It just happens. We try not to think of them in terms of allergies, but adverse energies. It’s a blockage that has been created for whatever reason.”

That is really the fascinating part.The body recognizes the energy of the allergen to be dangerous and so will immediately start up the defence system to deal with it. It can be caused by eating contaminated foods, environmental materials, fabrics, chemicals, cosmetics, nutritional deficiencies, emotional disturbances, or trauma.

The penny started to drop. All my issues started not long after I gave birth to Savannah, an experience I found really traumatic.

On my initial consultation with Fiona, I offered up the same possible reasons as to why my health declined so much. “Do you think it could have been all the travelling I do?”

“Of course. Going up and down and across time zones, it’s exhausting, which doesn’t help your body operate optimally.” My doctor thought that idea was silly.

We spoke more about my background and experiences. “Your spine holds all your history. It’s all there in the neural pathways and often those blockages are simply stories you have been holding onto.”

Naet therapy is a way to unblock the  dam walls and reprogram the meridians and neural pathways to flow correctly again. The brain has the power to send out messages to the body to get it to create antidotes to heal any situation. Naet is a way to make sure the brain receives the right directions. Naet also helps to boost the immune system which is when optimal healing can occur and the body returns to balance.


The first step in your treatment is to be tested for allergies. I’m learning that there are thousands of things you can develop an adverse energy to. There are 15 base allergens you are tested for first.

Before any treatment is done, Fiona has to receive permission from your body. She circles her hand above the different organ meridian points in an effort to wake them up and get them zinging. She has to spend a lot of time on mine at the beginning of every session as they are sluggish, which Fiona says is normal considering how ill I’ve been.

Today was the first day where she zipped through it pretty quickly—yay for improvement.

Fiona knows if you have given permission by the response of your muscles. She holds your arm up in a certain position and pushes down on it. If it flops you’re not ready yet, if it is steady, you are good to go.

And this is the basic system she uses to muscle test for your allergies.

It is simply mind-blowing. I put a lot of effort into making sure I keep my arm super steady each time. I carefully scrutinize Fiona’s pressure to make sure she is not changing it. And neither of us are.

“It’s like a key unlocks as soon as I touch it and it flops down“ Fiona describes it.

Fiona has a vial with the energy of each allergen in it.  You hold the vial in one hand, while she pushes on the other. If you have the adverse energy there will be no strength in your arm and it will easily move down. If you don’t have the allergy it stays super strong and can’t be moved.

Out of the 15, I was allergic to 12.

Mama Mia. No wonder I could not eat anything without feeling sick.

Here’s the 12:

  1. Egg mix
  2. Vitamin C Mix
  3. B Complex
  4. Sugar mix
  5. Iron mix
  6. Mineral mix
  7. Salt
  8. Grain
  9. Yeast
  10. Stomach acids
  11. Base
  12. Organ mix

The 3 I’m cool with

  1. Calcium
  2. Vitamin A
  3. Hormones

I thank the Universe every day for bringing me to Fiona. I don’t know where my health would have headed if I did not learn about this and gain control of it. Do you think the doctors would have picked anything up? Hell no. I envision a future where I was poked and prodded and fed with pills and lotions and pain management. A life of pain were my conditions never healed and who knows what they would have manifested themselves into—that cancer I as so worried about?

I don’t worry about cancer anymore. I was super skeptical before trying Naet, but now I understand how it works and have seen how my body talks,  I am a lover of this treatment.

It’s a treatment that is safe and gentle, simple and somewhat relaxing. Who ever has gone to the doctors and walked out feeling rested and in control?


Naet helps to detoxify the system by clearing the adverse energies of the allergens from the entire body. Thus it enables the body to relax, absorb and assimilate appropriate nutrients from the food that once caused the allergies and support the proper growth of the entire body.

After your initial visit, you get your plan of attack. I was concerned as I knew I had a lot of work to do, it was a lot of commitment from me and, although cheaper than a doctors visit, with the amount of sessions I had to do it was going to add up. You can’t put a price on health, so I decided to go forward.

You work on one allergen at a time. The body has a lot of work to do after each session to retrain itself to accept the allergen back into the body as something safe.

To retrain the neural pathways and the energy flow, you hold the allergen in your hand, while the therapist does work on your spine. Fiona traces her fingers down either side of the spine in a tapping motion while I breathe in and out. She does this several times. She then tests my muscle response. If it doesn’t respond strong, she will continue to do it.

She obviously had to do it several times with my gluten issue.

After she has done that you sit on a massage chair—my favourite part of the session. The chair massages your spine, while Fiona stimulates the gate points with an acupressure (an acupuncture device) After this you lie down still holding the vial for 20 minutes. I usually have a lovely quiet meditation time. She then tests you again and you always respond much stronger. Then the difficult part happens. You have to avoid that allergen for 25 hours.


It takes 24 hours for our energy to cycle through each of our organs and through the body. You have to allow the energy time to flow through so the body can ready to accept it again. You add the extra hour for good luck.

You are not allowed to eat, touch, or go within 1.5 metres of it. It’s not easy to do, especially when you have kids and want you to cook a fried egg.

Minerals were difficult to avoid because you can’t drink or touch normal water, nor any metals. Do you know how much metal is around you? I was astounded that I  passed that one.

I found the salt avoidance a challenge  mentally.  It made me realize how much I love salt. It was the only one where I really craved the food and I had to sin bin myself from the kitchen multiple times because I was about to break the avoidance.

“A lot of the things we are most allergic to we tend to crave the most. It’s weird” Fiona explained to me.

Not strange then that I did not pass on the salt and I had to go through the treatment again.

On each new visit, Fiona tests me for the allergen we last worked on. My muscle has to remain strong or I fail. If it fails, Fiona tests you for all the components of that allergen. So for grains she tested me for sorghum, rice, corn, and everything connected to the grain family.

We did that today, man do I have a gluten issue. I failed on all of them, except the white rice.  I had to hold a wine glass full of grain vials and was treated again.

I’m feeling so funky right now as my body tries to recover and heal from this. What I love so much about this therapy and reading Nambudripad’s book is that Naet is helping to give people’s lives back. They no longer have to live a life of denial as they try to avoid all those things that make them sick.


Naet therapy is really so pleasant there aren’t a lot of side effects. You can feel enormously fatigued because your body is working so hard. Fiona has given me many strategies to help me push the energy through the meridians.

I sometimes feel a little nauseous and today I had a headache. I’ve also been getting this uncomfortable tension in my neck and upper back along the spine. Fiona has not experienced this before with other patients, but consulted with her chiropractor who does similar energy healing with his work and says it makes perfect sense as the neural pathways run along the spine and we are releasing major blockages along there.

Generally, after a couple of days,  I feel stronger and cleaner.


Fiona doesn’t like to use the word cure as it is a hard one to really define. But she believes in Naet’s ability to heal and release these energy blockages and get things flowing again. I know how I have been feeling for the past 18 months, and I know how I feel now. Naet therapy works. I still feel as if I have a bit of work to do. I have not yet been tested for wine or coffee and I am certain there are allergies there, now I understand my body more and how it talks to me.

Three months ago I was sobbing every day as I believed something was seriously wrong with me and I was dying. That fear has totally gone, I feel in control of my health and on a path of wellness. I have so much of my vitality and vibrancy back and I feel so clear and strong.

Naet therapy has changed my life and set me on a path of connecting to the magic of my own body and its power to heal itself.

If you have any health challenges I highly recommend you try this path. I felt it was a little too woo woo, but I was desperate so gave it a try. I’m so glad I did. You have nothing to lose. So you might as well try it. You never know what it can bring to your life.

As always there is no miracle cure—it does involve work on your behalf too, but it’s only 25 hours of avoidance and that goes pretty fast. You can do it. I just hope you don’t have a chi that is as messed up as mine!

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