We accepted the use of cell lines that were created from electively aborted human fetuses for the manufacture of some vaccines. This was not necessary. It was a choice, and people were deluded into accepting it. From that point, things have only gone downhill.

… For instance, Poliovax is made using the human fetal cell line called MRC-5, and all Poliovax containing vaccines, including Quadracel and Pentacel, contain products from this aborted fetal cell line. The Rabies vaccine that’s made by Sanofi Pasteur called Imovax is also manufactured in an aborted human fetal cell line.

… It’s philosophically abhorrent to know that every time we inject our children with a vaccine that’s manufactured using an aborted fetal cell line, that vaccine contains contaminants from that aborted fetal cell line… DNA contaminants and cellular debris… so we are all participating in abortion by the use of these vaccines, without our knowledge and without our consent.

Just in case anyone here has been convinced by the argument that only one aborted fetus was used, and this was only done once, I have a list of the aborted fetal cell lines that are currently used in commercial manufacturing. … There’s not one cell line, there’s actually close to 30 cell lines. And these are not cells that are taken from an early embryo, these are cells that are taken from second-trimester fetuses well along in their development.

… These were normal fetuses, they were pre-screened, and they were selected by the pharmaceutical scientists so that they could obtain good cell lines from them.”

— Dr. Theresa Deisher, molecular and cellular physiologist


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