3 Real Life Stories That Prove Medical Marijuana Is No Joke


November 2015, the acting chief of the DEA Chuck Rosenberg calls medical cannabis a joke and continues on to state that the herb is both bad and dangerous.

Nothing shocking here right? After all, it’s the DEA’s lifelong mission to never stop their War on Drugs, which by the way has failed for a long long time. Now, these types of uneducated call outs to marijuana are both outdated and incorrect. It would only be fitting the chief of the DEA to be educated on matters regarding his job, but hey, we don’t mind doing it for him.

So, here are three real life stories of people using the “joke” medicine to not only improve their lives, but to also preserve them.

1. Kyla Williams’ Triumph Over Epilepsy

Kyla was an epilepsy patient who was suffering from more than 200 seizure a day due to her very strong case of the disease. After trying out countless “modern” medications to no avail, Kyla’s family decided to try a natural remedy: the “joke” medical marijuana.

With regular use, the oil from the herb helped rid Kyla of her seizures for three weeks at a time. Despite given the really awful news that their child won’t live a long and happy life, Kyla’s parents didn’t give up on her and tried everything until their child could live a productive life. And now, thanks to the joke that is medical cannabis, those proud parents will get to watch their daughter grow up with little to no seizures.

2. Dakota Serna’s Fight With PTSD

Dakota Serna is a war veteran who went on a tour in Iraq right after high school. After his first tour though, everything changed. He was unable to return for a second one due to a complication with a surgery and a very strong case of PTSD.

After finding that prescription drugs only worsened his condition, Dakota turned to treating his spiritual pain with medical cannabis exclusively. The herb, no matter how it was consumed, caused relaxation and reduction of anxiety and paranoia. Nowadays, there are countless studies showing the positive effects of marijuana on PTSD, not to mention the thousands of veterans now admitting to self-treating their condition with the plant.

3. Rick Simpon’s Skin Cancer Treatment

Probably one of the most famous medical marijuana users out there is Rick Simpson. He is well known for his tutorial on making a special THC-rich oil that helped him self-treat his skin cancer. Rick had already been consuming cannabis oil orally for a variety of ailments, but it wasn’t until he got diagnosed with skin cancer that he recalled a radio headline he had once heard: THC could cure cancer in mice.

This inspired him to give it a shot himself. With three spots of skin cancer on his body, he applied his self-made cannabis oil to the affected areas. Within just four days of treating himself, he claims that the inflammation and signs of cancer were completely gone. Since then, there have been countless people that have succeeded in treating their own cancer (not only skin cancer) by using medical marijuana.

So, Mr. Rosenberg, before you make a statement, you better get your facts straight. After all, you are at a position that influences a lot of people’s thoughts and you cannot allow yourself to put out ridiculous and false advertising information, no matter how much they pay you under the table. Case closed on medical marijuana being a joke.

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