Is Leo Dicaprio Supporting New Anti-Vaccination Film at Tribeca?


A new film about the conspiracy of vaccinations is set to debut at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival. The writer and director of the film is none other than Doctor Andrew Wakefield. Wakefield’s medical license in the U.K. was pulled by health officials as a result of his linking vaccines and autism (a claim that remains heavily supported).  Wakefield has remained vigilant in his all-out war against the business of vaccines.

It has been reported that while discussing the film aboard the Conspira Sea cruise a few months back, that Wakefield mentioned Leonardo Dicaprio’s support of the film. Dicaprio, as you know, has also supported an anti-meat industry film titled, Cowspiracy.


Documentaries are huge business these days. Dicaprio’s Cowspiracy took Cannes by storm. Another documentary titled, Blackfish, a documentary about Seaworld’s imprisonment of Orca whales, did the same. Documentaries are hugely influential at prestigious film festivals.

Wakefield’s new film titled, Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophewill also debut at Tribeca. Dicaprio’s backing or presence at the film is in question. Wakefield supposedly made the comment that Dicaprio would be supporting the film, but his film studio’s PR company, Lighthouse Public Relations, denied anything official when asked by Jezebel.

“There’s been people who have supported it. A lot of people have liked the idea of the film. Nobody’s lent their name publicly to the film.”

The question now is, who is supporting the film? Tribeca is a large, prestigious film festival full of celebrity influence. It is unlikely that no celebrities will be in attendance of this film. Will Dicaprio be one of them? Regarding mainstream misconceptions of the vaccine industry, this film’s debut has tremendous potential for change. Tribeca has taken some heat, of course, but they aren’t backing down, and the film will debut on it’s grounds.

And what about the film? Wakefield has, over the months, expressed that the film features familiar Doctors debunking vaccine myths. We now know who at least one of those Doctors are: Celebrity Pediatrician Jim Sears. Sears is best known for his role on CBS’s, The Doctors. Sears says he is pro-vaccine, but pro-truth, and is now concerned the CDC has lied to everyone. He released a statement regarding the matter.

To be perfectly clear: I am a pro-vaccine pediatrician. Just today in my office I gave my patients all of their required vaccines. I treated patients with high fevers and was thankful they had been vaccinated, so I could be much more confident saying “It’s probably just a virus…”

But I am also a pro-truth pediatrician. I rely on agencies like the CDC to provide me with guidance when it comes to the health of my patients. My life has been dedicated to the health of children. I want the vaccines that I give to be safe and effective. When I was presented with evidence provided by a top CDC scientist named Dr. William Thompson who has stated clearly that the CDC committed fraud on the MMR autism study I felt compelled to make my comments included in the film, VAXXED: From Cover-Up To Catastrophe.

I sincerely hope that fraud was NOT committed by the CDC. But the only way to know the truth is for the Congress of the United States to subpoena Dr. William Thompson as he has requested. I hope there is a logical explanation why the researchers decided to omit important data, and then cover up this omission. But I will only be satisfied when that explanation is made in a Congressional hearing. This film is asking for that explanation.

Dr. Jim Sears


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