The truth. Everyone knows what it means. Or at least people think they do. The truth is not what it seems all the time. The truth is not a given. The truth is a concept. The truth is personal. The truth is almost like a preference.


Somewhere down the line people were taught to believe that the truth is the truth and so be it. But why is this? The truth is not set in stone. The truth is something that can be debated. Like an opinion, the truth can change. The truth is a personal experience and belief. It doesn’t matter what other people believe. If something is the truth to you. It is the truth. That is the concept of truth.

Facts are facts. But facts are up for personal deliberation too. So one person might end up with a different truth from their counterpart, based on the same facts. It is all interpretation.

“Look at that table.” People say, does that not look like wood to you. And yes, that table is made out of wood. But the notion that because people agree on a truth makes it somehow more valid than the true beliefs of a person is absurd. The truth to you is the truth and thus it is true. That some people have distorted view of the truth might be true as well. But does this mean that their truth feels less true to them? I don’t think so. The truth when believed wholeheartedly is the truth.

There might be events where people do the exact same thing for two completely different reasons. Does that mean that one is the true reason and the other one holds no value? Why do we have to fight each other on this. Why can’t we just come to the conclusion that we are all independent people that might feel and do things differently. Why do we have to be always right. We don’t have to be. What we have to do is belief in ourselves and respect everyone else. That’s when we will realise that the truth is a mere concept.

The mainstream media has been the giver of truth for decades. They have also been proven to just the opposite at times. They might not lie, but when you don’t give out all the information. How can we expect people to make an informed decision. How can we expect people to decide what is true. But if something is not reported on by the mainstream media the majority of the world remains bias towards the facts. The truth has been distorted. We know this happens all the time. You only have to go back to the media coverage of the Iraq invasion and the facts that have come out since to give one example.

The mainstream truth about a lot of events might actually not be true at all. But due to deception and mind control we are lead to believe what is true and we do. We are being conditioned in schools, universities and workplaces to just switch off and do what we are told. It’s easier in life not to ask questions and just conform.

What we know about our history might not actually be accurate at all. There have been many unsolved riddles all around the world about certain archaeological finds and no one seems to bother to change the mainstream view of history. Don’t you think it would be important that we knew if our human history was wrong, or at least not accurate. Even if we didn’t have all the answers it would still be important to tell people about it. But no, somewhere down the line some people decided that we are going to learn about what they decided is our history and just forget about some of the other facts. That’s what you are taught in school. And thus it must be true.

I would imagine that everyone knows there are some aspects of 9-11 that don’t add up. Even if you don’t believe it is an inside job there are too many things that happened on that day that just seem to be fishy. The 9-11 report didn’t address building 7. The many reports that stated that there were explosions in those buildings. The thousands upon thousands of engineers and architects that have claimed that these buildings wouldn’t collapse like that from a plane strike. But because we are fed over and over again that this is the truth. The masses believe it.

The truth has been distorted over and over again. The truth has been used for personal gain and control. And just because a lot of people believe that that might be the truth, doesn’t make it so. The fact that we all agree that table is made out of wood doesn’t mean that we also have to agree on vaccines being safe or effective, or government being corrupt and corporations not caring about anything but profits.

I believe in a truth. The truth to me is that there is probably one true truth. That is money. Money is what the world is build upon and what enables people to become powerful and stay in control. People will do anything to stay in that position and they will bend the truth. They will sell lies as the truth and the masses will believe them. They have the means to tell people the truth even if it isn’t true.

We need to start believing in our truth. We need to go back to our own truth and believe that we are allowed to make up our own minds when it comes to the truth. We need to respect people’s opinions and truths. We need to be open to change our truth at times. But we need to stop believing that what is true is only what is fed by us by certain outlets. The truth is out there. But the truth is definitely not on TV.

– Bernie Smith –

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