You Don’t Need Vaccines to Enter School – It’s All A Lie

There are currently exemptions in every single state for vaccinations.  Granted, a select few only have medical, which is extremely hard to get, it is still an exemption.

All 50 states have medical exemptions.
47 of those states have religious exemptions.  California, West Virginia and Mississippi do not.
26 states have personal exemptions.
If you live in Wisconsin, like myself, you have all three exemptions as of now.

I know they are trying to get rid of the exemptions but currently they have not and if you are told otherwise, it is a lie.  Public schools have to grant you entry into their school even if you are not vaccinated.  Actually, even private schools that are state funded must abide by these laws.

It is really sad that there is false information being spread around that you cannot enter school if you are not vaccinated.  This is indeed a lie.

There are bills that are trying to get passed to eliminate the option of exemptions and I think it is absolutely ridiculous that they are trying to do this.  Whatever happened to a parent’s choice?  We are quickly becoming Nazi Germany right before your eyes and you don’t even realize it.  You can no longer parent your children and people are allowing the state to do it for them.

The truth is, you are the parent and you know what’s best for your kids.

Help stop the spread of lies and rumors.
You CAN attend school if you are not vaccinated.

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