“I have been appalled at how physicians talk to patients… tell them, if you don’t do this, get out of my office. Telling parents who’ve already had one autistic child, or even two, that if you don’t vaccinate your child I will no longer see you any longer, so get out of my office. Some of these, quite a few of these parents, have been intimidated to immunizing that second or third child, and they became autistic.

There’s nothing sadder to see than that, it’s just the destruction of that child’s brain, and the destruction of the entire family unit… those families no longer have a life. It’s a very sad thing, and to think that they were intimidated by the medical profession, by their personal physician to destroy their child’s life… is just unconscionable.

So this is what we’re against. We’re trying to convince the medical profession—stop propagandizing, and start listening, because they’re absolutely wrong. And they’re using the media to propagandize for the vaccine companies and promoting massive vaccination of the public.”

— Russell Blaylock, MD, neurosurgeon

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