Here’s the way the thinking behind mainstream vaccine “science” goes. Follow me now. If you give a child a vaccine, and that child still ends up getting the disease the vaccine was intended to prevent, it is said that the child has “waning immunity.” So it’s not that the vaccine didn’t work, it’s that a “booster” shot is required, and maybe another booster after that. Think of it as Santa’s little helper. It could never be as simple as… the damn vaccine just didn’t work.

If a child gets a vaccine for a disease it is intended to prevent, and the child comes down with a disease that looks exactly like the first disease, then it is said that it must be another similar disease, and then that disease is given its own name to distinguish it from the first disease, because it could never be the first disease, because the child was vaccinated against that disease.  It could never be as simple as… the damn vaccine just didn’t work.

You see, vaccines are God’s gift to humanity, so they’ve gotta work. They just gotta. Well, okay, it’s more like vaccines are humanity’s gift to itself. Because God apparently didn’t get the whole immune system thing right (he kinda blew it), so we had to help things along. Otherwise, we would never have survived. Well, okay, we did survive for about 6 million years without vaccines, but… Oh, just forget it.

Please explain to me who’s crazy.


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