The use of black salve is sometimes referred to as botanical surgery because of its extraordinary ability to purge solid tumors and cancerous skin lesions from the body.

Black salve is a thick paste that is made from various native American herbs, with the main herbal component from the Sanguinaria canadensis, or bloodroot.

Bloodroot (Sanguinaria Canadensis)

The salve is used by applying a very small amount over the area of diagnosed or suspected malignancy, which will trigger an immune system response to the neoplastic (cancerous) tissue once the cancer is recognized by the body.  Although it is possible that healthy tissue may become reddened and irritated when the black salve is applied, it is only cancerous tissue that will form into an eschar (or scab).

Once the cancer has been recognized by the immune system, it will slowly be expelled from the body in the form of an eschar that emerges and detaches itself from the body.  The process usually begins with tingling or redness at the site of application, that is followed by a puss-like oozing that will occur over a period of days or weeks until the eschar finally falls away on it own.  This entire process usually takes about three weeks, but it can be much longer depending on the situation that you are dealing with and if there is a need for more than one application.

Caring for the eschar –  It is important to keep the eschar moist and covered with a large sterile bandage to protect it from being disturbed during this process. You can apply organic coconut oil to the eschar to keep it moist.  The bandages should be changed regularly as some people report having a significant amount of pus and drainage during the extraction process.   You can use a light spray of Colloidal Silver or Biocence Antiseptic Spray to help prevent infection. Following the release of the eschar you can apply Healing Balm or vitamin e oil to assist with the healing process.

It is absolutely imperative that the eschar fall away on its own.  Resist the urge to pick or any attempts to see what is going on underneath as this will only disrupt the entire process.  After the eschar has separated from the skin and falls away it is important to take a good look at the crater-shaped wound that is left behind to look for any remaining cancer.  This will appear as white matter or strands of white  (you will see an example of this posted below).  If you do see this, you will need to apply a second application to this area in order to fully expel the rest of the cancer. If the area looks clear then you can continue to apply the Colloidal Silver, healing balm, or vitamin E oil (which may also help with scarring), along with a clean bandage until the wound has completely healed over.

Important to know before using black salve:

  • Do not apply black salve to a fungating tumor. This is a tumor that has broken through the skin and contains necrotic tissue, pus drainage, an unpleasant smell, and may have the appearance of cauliflower or a fungal growth. 
  • Only a small amount of black salve is needed and is only applied directly over the area of cancer.  Exfoliating the skin beforehand can help get the initial process going.
  • People who have used black salve report experiencing extreme pain accompanied by a pulling-type of sensation that occurs around the area as well.  You will need an effective form of pain relief during this process.
  • It is essential that the eschar be allowed to fall away on it own and not be subjected to any type of early removal which would leave behind cancerous tissue. 
  • Black salve extraction can take up to 3 weeks or more depending on the location and type of condition that you are dealing with.
  • Sometimes the eschar falls away too early and a second application is needed to complete the process.
  • In the case of Bill Trucks (who is pictured below) it took seven weeks of repeated applications to remove his liver/pancreatic/kidney cancer with the salve.
  • It is recommended that you find a qualified individual to guide you through the process, as well as have a reliable support system available to assist you- – whether this is a friend or family member who is capable of keeping you focused, or you can join an internet support group with experienced users to help with questions or provide guidance.
  • You may find that you are unable to work during this time, and depending on the location of the suspected lesion, it may be unsightly to be out in public during this process. 
  • Those with diabetes or poor circulation should not use black salve treatment.
  • You may be left with a scar in the area where black salve was applied as can be seen in some of the postings below.
  • Implement caution when applying black salve to the nose and ear areas.  Applying too much salve over these delicate areas has the possibility of leaving an opening that leads into the nasal passages, or an opening in the ear cartilage that does not fully close.
  • Finally, this process  should not be taken lightly, and you should become fully informed before proceeding with using black salve for the treatment of cancer.

Black salve is only available through online vendors-  Care must be taken when purchasing black salve products online as some are not effective or are just plain caustic and will not eliminate tumors. I have added links to two vendors at the bottom of the page because of positive feedback I have received from people who have used these salves and found them to be effective.  This websites also offer support to those who use their product.

Follow anti-cancer protocols-  It should also be noted that detoxing the body, implementing an anticancer diet protocol, and addressing nutritional deficiencies should also coincide or immediately follow this treatment to help prevent a future recurrence.  You will find further notes on both of these subjects throughout this blog.

The testimonials posted here for information purposes only.  Please read over all information in the websites to fully inform yourself before attempting to use black salve for any reason.  Also read my disclaimer.

This is an example of when the eschar falls off too early and a second application is necessary

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