I Wish I Was A Conspiracy Nut

I wish I was that “conspiracy nut” that I am labeled as.

Why do I wish I was the “nut” that many people label me as?

If I was, it’s possible that I could be wrong about the dangers of vaccines.  Instead, I am 100% right.  I really wish I was wrong some days so I wouldn’t have to spend my life fighting for my freedom and the health of others.  I live for educating others about the poisons they want to inject into their bodies or their kid’s bodies.  In fact, I will go to extreme measures to try to prove to people that they are harming themselves that I will risk losing friends over it.  It’s unfortunate but it has happened and will continue to happen.  I try to surround myself with people of the same mindset as me but it’s not easy in a world full of sheep.

There is no such thing as herd immunity.
Vaccine injuries are real and they happen a lot more often than one would think.
Every year the number of vaccines given rises. So does autism. Coincidence?
Many people like to argue the fact that there isn’t a link between vaccines and autism.  Why is it listed as a side effect in the vaccine insert?
Why is a side effect SIDS (death)?
Vaccines do not equal immunity.
They are not safe and have not been proven to be effective.
Just because someone didn’t have an immediate reaction to the vaccine, doesn’t mean that they won’t be affected later on in life. There’s a reason you have allergies, eczema, migraines, chronic inflammation, etc.
I could go on forever.

I’m not a conspiracy nut or a conspiracy theorist.  I am indeed a conspiracy realist.
You can’t compensate a lost life.
Do you get it yet?

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