“I think we have to face reality, I think we have to be clear… autism is a public health crisis of historic proportions, worse than poliomyelitis. It’s devastating a generation of children and their families. We need to face that reality, autism is a national emergency. For a long time, we had low rates in America, about 1 in 10,000. Then around around 1990, something new and terrible happened to a generation of children… Autism rates didn’t just rise, they multiplied. This escalation covered both full syndrome autism and the broader autism spectrum, including Asberger’s.

Some people claim this isn’t real, that we’re just doing better diagnosing… That’s just wrong. If you read the old literature, the old surveys, they look for everybody, they couldn’t find people. They didn’t miss 99% of the children with autism. It’s not hard to find a child with autism. It’s obvious when they’re autistic. The notion that we’re just doing better diagnosing… and even in the CDC studies, they’re using the same methodology… So when you see those numbers rising, that’s not because the methods are changing, it’s because there are more cases.

In the midst of this crisis, the federal agencies responsible for the health of our children have failed in their duty. CDC’s negligence has led the way. Many of us believe the CDC has actively covered up evidence surrounding autism’s environmental causes. NIH, meanwhile, has received the lion’s share funding—money they’ve wasted on status quo research and gene studies. It’s absurd to focus on genetic research in this crisis. There’s no such thing as a genetic epidemic.

In the financial world, the result of pressure to manipulate numbers to provide the answers that bosses want has a name. It’s called securities fraud. In medicine, there’s similar pressures. They’re called special interest politics, and even peer review. And what CDC has given us is the medical equivalent of securities fraud—all to avoid the inconvenient reality of the autism epidemic.”

— Mark Blaxill, founder and chairman of Canary Party

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