A study conducted by Poland’s Medical University of Bialystok in 2012 has confirmed what many scientists have been debating for a while now. The Department of Paediatric Rehabilitation studied vaccination patterns in Poland with those in other countries to show that vaccines actually impair the human immunity development process.

Published in the Progressive Health Sciences journal, the report said that the study considered preservatives, commonly found vaccine additives and other elements along with the reactions post vaccination. It further says that many Polish journals lead us to believe that the positive effects of vaccines are far greater than the negative reactions found in some children during the post-vaccination periods.

Researcher Dorota Sienkiewicz and her fellow workers found how vaccines not only lead to minor, temporary illnesses in children but also obstruct the usual course of development of immunity in humans. The development of immunity begins from stage 1 of human life, when a child is in the mother’s womb. Antibodies from the mother’s body are transferred to the child and development continues with time.

Vaccines make their way into this natural process of development by injecting chemicals, antigens and adjuvant to nurture specific immunity. The study claims that the vaccines provide nothing more than temporary protection, which is simply supported by ‘booster’ shots.

In worst-case scenarios, vaccines could permanently damage immunity and lead to auto-immune diseases. Evidence gathered through the study shows that consistent injection of a couple or more immune adjuvants or the use of the same antigen to repeatedly stimulate immunity could help in getting over a ‘genetic resistance to autoimmunity’.

The human immunity system is divided into several layers each of which provides an added prevention against damage from external elements. Vaccines interfere with the functioning of these layers. The very fact that they are manmade makes them open to improvement and not perfect ever. This is what comes with the possibility of permanently damaging a natural system of immunity.

The report states, ‘While it is generally accepted that potency and toxicity of immune adjuvant must be adequately balanced so that the necessary immune stimulation is achieved with minimal side effects, in practical terms, such a balance is very difficult to achieve’.

Vaccine adjuvants, which are meant to trigger a response from the immune system, are particularly relevant in this regard. Vaccine preservatives, additives and substrate proteins are not enough to balance the ill effects of these adjuvants and create the proper immunity response. This adversely affects a lot of people. The report explains that the adjuvant mechanisms, which stimulate the immunity system are the same ones that could also lead to negative responses.

This is not the only claim to prove the ill effects of vaccines. The medical world is currently divided, where one section believes in the benefits of vaccines and the sceptics who refuse to. A research on vaccineinjury.com showed that children with full vaccination are at a 30% higher risk of developing other illnesses such as asthma, autism, ear infections and other conditions.

Other reports include a higher percentage of whooping cough in areas where a majority of children got the antidote. However, these tests were conducted within a period of 72 hours post vaccination, whereas many researchers claim that other grave symptoms and illnesses show their signs much later in a person’s life.

– See more at: http://www.australiannationalreview.com/studies-show-vaccines-impair-immunity-aid/#sthash.tPDubIw9.dpuf


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