I did a bit of tag teaming last month with authoritative Ph D science researcher Judy Wilyman to explore the legalities of University of Wollongong’s gag on her Ph D publication, for  alleged copyright reasons  lacking any legal logic .

I am pleased to inform that inside three weeks from my initial enquiry on 27 February 2016, Judy strongly followed up the cause, and her comprehensive Ph D study is now available on the the University of Wollongong website today.

Judy Wilyman’s Ph D on vaccination

Three vital chapters censored when Judy released the study at the end of 2015 are now available including a section on all the additional ingredients in the vaccines; a section on the mercury issues, and a detailed analysis of our Australian Government’s Immunisation schedule.

Don’t hold your breath for any mainstream media to want to report the censorship lifting, let alone any of Judy’s information in a balanced way.

I love the way we are so two faced if we are an Australian health bureaucrat, pollie or mainstream medical heavyweight – we challenge the right of a whole profession to treat children e.g. chiropractors, yet we censor vital information at a time when we are blackmailing parents to have their children vaccinated with ever increasing jabs under No Jab No Pay – no doubt Zika will be next.

I am massively in favour of freedom of choice based upon EXCEPTIONAL informed consent when it comes to vaccination. This is not an Anti or Pro stance – it is a basic human right for our babies who cannot make the decision themselves and trust their caring parents to make it for them. Babies do not trust bureaucrats or Treasury officials looking to claw back social welfare benefits, or deliver on a New World Order policy.

Depending upon where you sit in this debate which bluntly divides a nation, just remember the last stat I saw there were 400 plus vaccines being trialed around the world – so if you think the current 83 separate antigens are great for babies in their first 18 months, it could be 200 mandatory antigens being injected by 2025.

At what point will you say – ENOUGH IS ENOUGH – shouldn’t there be some proper (if that is possible anymore) scientific studies done as to outcomes and safety?

Judy Wilyman’s PH D on vaccination issues

And by the way, wait till you hear how the “independent” Cochrane Collaboration Reviews upon critical vaccinations have been recently nobbled for lack of funding .

There is one massive criminal conspiracy in this exploding mandatory vaccination war on mothers, and someone will prove it.

I doubt whether many will take the time to read Judy’s work – it is not easy and takes a lot of time and commitment. I need to read it again thoroughly as I was just getting started in December when I read it the first time.

We go to extraordinary lengths to inform pregnant woman what they should and should not do to have a healthy baby, but then we shut up shop on vital science when it comes to jabbing week old babies.

Then when some babies  grow up and play football, we get hysterical for four years with the greatest media story ever in Australia – namely, what peptides did we inject into the strongest fittest athletes at Essendon Football Club to make them healthier and better able to perform efficiently?

If Judy is on the right curve, and if this global assault upon our children has no limit as to the maximum vaccines that can be injected – will future generations have to rip up exisiting housing subdivisions to create ever more hospitals? One in 20 already work in health in Australia. It might be 50:50 one day – one carer per one sick but then who is going to pay the taxes?

Maybe vaccination is the classic chicken and the egg. We will debate it for ever – but we all know supermarket eggs are declining in nutritional value and we know all know laying chickens are being killed off quicker.

An extract from Judy’s latest newsletter follows :

“On the 11 January 2016 my PhD was published on the University of Wollongong website. This PhD provides evidence that all vaccines are not safe and effective and that the combined schedule of vaccines is doing more harm than good in the population through the increase in chronic illness. Did you know that in countries like Australia and the US nearly 1 in 5 children have a disability? This includes an increase in many autoimmune diseases such as diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis in children.

Since the publication of my thesis the Copyright Act has been re-assessed and my thesis is now published in full on the University of Wollongong website. This includes Appendix 1: The Ingredients of Vaccines, Appendix 2: Case Study on Thimerosal (Mercury compound) in Vaccines and Appendix 3: The Australian Government Immunisation Program (NIP). This last appendix shows how the definition of ‘fully vaccinated children’ changed on 1 July 2013 (in Australia) to include 3 new vaccines. These vaccines have now been made mandatory for people receiving government welfare benefits (and in some workplaces) yet prior to 2013 the vaccines did not exist and the diseases were not a risk to the majority of the population. A public health policy needs to address the needs of the majority not a minority. These appendix’s were originally removed from the publication of my thesis on the university website citing ‘copyright reasons’.”

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