A New Vaccine for Gluten Free is Causing Vomiting & Nausea.


34 test subjects were double blinded to test the safety of the new celiac disease vaccine, Nexvax2. Side effect were common, including naseau, vomiting and severe gastrointestinal symptoms. I said “common.” I think if I were celiac, I’d rather just deal with the effects of celiace disease rather than take a vaccine for it and throw up all over my couch. But hey, that’s just me.

Celiac has been shown to be manageable using a gluten free diet, which these days, isn’t as difficult as everyone makes it out to be. But of course, that couoldn’t possibly stop vaccine profiteers from moving in on what’s become a rather hot and trendy buzzword (gluten free). Yes, I understand “gluten free” and “celiac” aren’t one in the same, but don’t think this pharmaceutical company isn’t trying to cash in on the trendier aspect of the subject.  Have celiac and want to eat some bread? No problem, just take this vaccine and throw up for a few hours, you will be good to go after that.

The best is this, however, from the website GlutenFreeSociety:

“In several patients, the injection created symptoms similar to that of typical gluten exposure.”


So basically, they created a vaccine for an illness that gives you worse symptoms than the original illness. Maybe that’s because they are injecting gluten into people?

This guy is super excited about it. No really, he is, can’t you tell?


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