The Queen’s Former Doctor Just Slammed Big Pharma in the Best Way Possible


Queen Elizabeth II’s former Doctor, Sir Richard Thompson, is fed up with Big Pharma’s for profitmachine, and he’s calling them out on it. Thompson, former-president of the Royal College of Physicians, was the Queen’s doctor for over 20 years. He is now a part of a group of Doctors who are calling out Big Pharma for their egregious injustices and criminal acts. According to the Daily Mail (UK), the Doctor slammed pharmaceutical companies for making for profit drugs with ‘little-proven benefits.’

Sir Richard said: ‘The time has come for a full and open public enquiry into the way evidence of the efficacy of drugs is obtained and revealed.

‘There is real danger that some current drug treatments are much less effective than had previously been thought.’

He said the campaign highlights the ‘often weak and sometimes murky basis on which the efficacy and use of drugs, particularly in the elderly, are judged’.


This is huge news. Doctors turning their backs on pharma’s apparent criminal actions would be a very useful strategy in dulling down their egregious behaviors. Pharma has acted under an umbrella of protection when it comes to vaccines and even though that same protection isn’t offered with other medications, they still tend to act without any regard to human life. They aren’t in this for our benefit.

We live in a world where calling out pharmaceutical companies makes you a pariah. No one is saying that some medications aren’t good for us, but what I am saying is that most are simply for profit. Big pharma has been proven to have failed on statins and heartburn medications, yet these products are still advertising to the masses and being recommended to patients without any acknowledgement of these failures. It is disturbing to think it continues to go on. SSRI meds have been linked to almost every mass shooting, yet, the cycle of prescribing them on a massive level continues. Pharma continues to thrive while fleecing our pockets and health.

A group of highly respected Doctors calling out pharmaceutical crimes lends a certain amount of legitimacy to the cause. Unfortunately, even with all the evidence before us, this article would be called a “conspiracy piece” otherwise. And that’s sad at the very highest of levels. Pharmaceutical companies are sacrificing the health of you and your family for the sake of revenue. And they do so under this guise of philanthropy, which adds insult to injury.

Thompson goes on to call out the NHS for ‘over-treating patients’ and specifically calls out statins as a total fraud. Here’s a former Pfizer executive whistleblowing on this particular matter several months back. When do we wake up and realize what’s happening?

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