Jeff Wise, the very same CNN expert who led the world on a global goose chase to find Malaysian Flight MH370, now wants the world to believe President Putin is personally responsible for both Malaysian Air disasters. For those who missed Wise and CNN’s non-stop marathon coverage of Flight MH370, which went missing on March 8, 2014 with 239 people on board, every conceivable explanation was offered up for public consumption. With the disappeared plane mystery grinding into its second week, Wise participated in a CNN panel discussion that could have been scripted by David Lynch for a Lost Highway segment. RELATED ARTICLES Amazon delivery drones: Jeff Bezos promises half-hour shipping soon14 ‘Conspiracy Theories’ Are Now ‘Conspiracy Facts’ During that episode, CNN host Don Lemon asked without a hint of irony if it would be “preposterous” to suggest that a black hole was responsible for the disappearance of MH370. Yes, very preposterous, but no matter. Mary Shapiro, former Inspector General of the US Dept. of Transportation, was happy to remind Lemon in strained yet patient teacher-speak that a “small black hole would suck in our entire universe, so we know it’s not that…” Richard Quest, not to be outdone by a Lemon, raised the sanity stakes when he wondered – out loud for all to hear – why psychics with crystal balls hadn’t been allowed to participate in the search and rescue mission. “It sounds preposterous but [psychics] have been used before,” said Quest, whose remark attracted mostly blank stares and the sound of chirping crickets. Veteran television interviewer, Larry King, ridiculed his former employer for its reporting on MH370, which he very diplomatically labeled “abysmal.” “Since day two, they’ve advanced nothing in that story but conjecture. It was breaking supposition, breaking speculation. It was never breaking news,” King said in an interview on The Rubin Report. Indeed, if the media industry had award ceremonies for the most insane theories involving not just one Malaysian aircraft, but two, then Jeff Wise and his friends at Bellingcat would certainly be hauling home gold-plated trophies. After describing Russia as a “paranoid fantasist’s dream” (does that make Wise a ‘paranoid fantasist?’), Wise forwarded information that he thought would incriminate the Kremlin in the MH370 mystery. Reveling in ‘revelations’ that could have been lifted from Wikipedia, Wise noted that Russia is equipped with “technically advanced satellite, avionics, and aircraft-manufacturing industries.” And if that amazing feat of investigative journalism fails to convince you that Putin pirated the airliner to Kazakhstan, well then this next morsel of information certainly will: There were three Russians on board the ill-fated flight [Gasp]! Who could have guessed in their wildest dreams that Russians occasionally convey themselves by means of air travel, and sometimes in gangs of three ( via rt.com )! READ MORE: http://www.disclose.tv/news/fasten_your_seatbelts_these_putin_conspiracy_theories_are_taking_off_right_now/128679


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