Revealed: Secret new video of killer Martin Bryant on the rampage during the Port Arthur massacre – 20 years on from Australia’s worst mass killing

  • Unseen footage has been found of Martin Bryant in Port Arthur massacre
  • Channel 7’s Sunday night reveals the footage of Bryant on his rampage
  • It is 20 years since Bryant killed 35 people in the historic Tasmanian spot
  • Psychologists who studied Bryant after the killings say he ‘enjoyed’ it
  • Interviewers also talk with Petra Wilmott, the woman who dated Bryant

Almost 20 years after Martin Bryant perpetrated Australia’s worst mass killing in what became known as the Port Arthur massacre, previously unseen footage of him on the rampage has been unearthed.

The video footage shows Bryant, then a 28-year-old deranged misfit, walking in a car park near the water’s edge at Port Arthur, the eerie former convict settlement 90km south of Hobart.

A voice with an American accent says in the video ‘there’s somebody going crazy shooting people here. There he is over there, there’s the guy right there’.

The footage also shows Bryant driving his yellow Volvo loaded with an arsenal of weapons from one killing spot to another as he hunted down more victims.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3474096/Secret-video-footage-killer-Martin-Bryant-Australia-s-worst-mass-killing-Port-Arthur-massacre.html#ixzz42g5AOFIt
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