The oldest remember the wave of UFO that had shaken Belgium in the 90s, better known under the name of “Belgian UFO wave” a testimony from dozens of police and two eyewitness accounts of soldiers. In general, witnesses reported having seen a triangular shape with rounded corners, the same lighting (three lights at the ends of the triangle and a red light in the center) and a displacement with no or very little noise. Some experts had noticed that the craft was following the route of the Belgians highways, which have the characteristic of being all lit and visible from space. In my opinion this UFO was an alien technology but flown by US pilots to test in real conditions their new flying machine, but this is only my opinion. Here is a video filmed on 08.03.2016 by a motorist on what looks to be a highway of a UFO eerily like our Belgian UFO Alien or reverse engineering? That is the question… Thank you to the wonderful team of Securteam for all their work READ MORE: http://www.disclose.tv/action/viewvideo/223417/undeniable_alien_craft_caught_in_motorists_dashcam_footage_3816/



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