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“Sick and cheated”: Danish television broadcasts documentary about dangers HPV vaccination

In late March, the Danish channel TV2 broadcast a documentary about HPV vaccination, “The girls vaccinated: Sick and deceived.” The makers of the documentary followed three girls who received Gardasil load after vaccination against HPV medical conditions.

Two Danish doctors said they had never experienced such a thing in their careers. They warned the Danish national health authority last year four times for possible side effects after vaccination against HPV.

Dr. Louise Brinth examined 80 girls that they suspect they suffer from side effects of HPV vaccines.”They are all dizzy, faint and suffer from headaches, chronic headaches often,” she said. “They have abdominal pain and nausea. They suffer from muscle contractions and are extremely tired. We see a pattern emerge, including an investigation needs to be done. ”

four warnings

2 TV asked the Danish health authority to all available information about the HPV vaccination program in Denmark. Who “forgot” the documentary makers to provide information about the four warnings from the doctors.

Danish health authorities realize that the side effects are serious and want to do more research. It will probably take months or years before they find out what exactly happened with the girls.

In Denmark, 100 people die from cervical cancer each year. Per 10,000 vaccinations are being reported in the country between 1 and 2 very drastic side effects.

More likely to be infected

Gardasil was introduced in Denmark on the market in 2009. In 2008, was the youngest woman to cervical cancer in Denmark died 30 years old. Three years after the introduction of Gardasil was the youngest woman who died of cervical cancer 20 years old.

Why is the number of deaths increased by cervical cancer after the introduction of Gardasil? From a new study has revealed that women be vaccinated against HPV, are more likely to become infected with the more dangerous variants of the virus than women who did not receive the vaccine.

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