A controversial documentary that was nearing completion about the central government taking over society is a must watch. The director and writer of the film David Crowley, 29, was found dead in his apartment in an apparent ‘murder suicide’ along with his wife, Komel, 28, and their 5-year-old daughter on January 18 2015.The nature of his death has aroused suspicion as many saw no reason to suspect he would do anything like that. A friend said that from the last time they spoke in December his demeanour seemed “contradictory to a man who was about to kill his family and himself.” Given the nature of the films Crowley wasmaking it is very strange that he died in the way that he did. The deaths are currently under investigation.

The film was trying to challenge the current world order the monetary system and martial law. The sensitive nature of the subject has led many to believe that this was a plot to suppress the film but the rough cut called “Gray State: The Rise” has been leaked online through multiple sources. Watch it below before it gets taken down again.

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