Most people think that DNA damage is what causes a cell to be cancerous. While it is true that cancer cells may have DNA damage, it is highly unlikely that DNA damage can cause any cell to become cancerous. In fact, the DNA damage is a result of the true cause cancer. So let us discuss what really causes cancer. There have been many discoveries about cancer in the past 125 years. For example, William Russell (1852-1940), in 1890, discovered that there are microbes inside and outside of cancer cells. Later it was discovered that the microbes inside cancer cells were “pleomorphic,” that is, they changed shapes and sizes depending on the pH inside the cancer cells. In 1931, the Nobel Prize in Medicine was awarded to Otto Warburg for his discovery in determining that the defining characteristic of cancer cells was low “ATP energy” (ATP is made inside the mitochondria of cells and is called “adenosine triphosphate”). RELATED ARTICLES Here Is The Root Cause Of CancerBrazilian Wasp Venom Kills Cancer Cells, But Not Healthy Cells In 1930, it was proven that if the microbes inside the cancer cells are killed, the cancer cells will REVERT into normal cells. This discovery was made by Dr. Royal Rife, a microbiologist who developed the use of “harmonic frequencies” to vibrate the microbes until they “exploded” and died. Rather than winning a Nobel Prize for his discovery, Dr. Rife’s lab and inventory were destroyed by the combined consensus of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the American Medical Association (AMA). So why was Dr. Rife shut down? It was because his discoveries led to a 100% cure rate amongst his cancer patients. See http://www.rifevideos.com. This might seem strange to most readers. Why would a cancer researcher be shut down for curing cancer? It is assumed that conventional medicine and the pharmaceutical industry are diligently looking for the cures for cancer. Nothing could be further from the truth. What they are looking for are massive, massive profits selling their patented chemicals (i.e. drugs). Curing cancer is not on their agenda since that would cut into their profits. So what exactly is the purpose of the Food and Drug Administration? The FDA is the “private police force” of the pharmaceutical industry. Their primary objective is to make sure that the profits of the pharmaceutical industry are protected, even if that means shutting down those who know how to cure cancer, such as Dr. Rife. It is all about patents. Drugs made by the pharmaceutical industry can be patented. Frequency wave forms and molecules in Mother Nature cannot. Patents are the main drivers of the war against natural medicine by the pharmaceutical industry, the FDA and the AMA. They are all “in bed” together. The media is also part of this conspiracy. Medical doctors are intentionally glorified on television shows and advertisements manipulating the unwell to head for the doctor’s office. The modus operandi of the media can be summarized by a person who was an expert in understanding propaganda techniques, namely Stalin. When a person is diagnosed with cancer, they cannot run fast enough to their nearest oncologist. The media has done their job well. So, even though researchers seeking natural cures for cancer today know much more about the disease than in the 1930’s, very few patients start their treatment with natural medicine. The scientists at the Independent Cancer Research Foundation (ICRF) – a non-profit foundation investigating natural medicine – are the ones who discovered how the microbes inside cancer cells were partially blocking the ATP energy, as discussed below. With this knowledge, they developed more than 25 natural cancer treatments targeting and killing the microbes inside cancer cells (as Dr. Royal Rife did), thus reverting them into normal cells. They also use a new technological device, inspired by Dr. Rife’s equipment, which kills the microbes inside the cancer cells, known as the “High RF Frequency Device” according to the Cancer Tutor website (www.cancertutor.com). The Cancer Tutor website is the main ICRF website. So, let’s talk about how microbes inside the cancer cells partially block the production of ATP energy. This is the key to understanding many new cancer treatments. First of all, let us look at what causes the ATP energy to be created in a healthy cell. Step 1: In a normal cell, glucose receptors allow glucose inside the cell. Step 2: In a 10-step chemical chain reaction this glucose is converted into pyruvate. Step 3: The pyruvate enters into the cell’s mitochondria (every cell has thousands of mitochondria). Step 4: The pyruvate is at the beginning of a chain reaction called the “Citric Acid Cycle” or “Krebs Cycle.” Step 5: About half-way through the Citric Acid Cycle, a second chemical chain reaction begins called the “Electron Transport Chain.” These two cycles create most of the ATP energy in the cells. Here is the key. Cancer cells have more glucose receptors than normal cells and 15 times more glucose than normal cells, though the microbes intercept most of the glucose. So, even though a cancer cell has far more glucose than a normal cell, less of this glucose gets inside its mitochondria than in a normal cell. Thus, a cancer cell has lower ATP energy because it has less pyruvate and it has less pyruvate because it has less available glucose. So let us talk about why cancer cells may have DNA damage. The Virginia Livingston team of natural medicine cancer researchers discovered that one or more of the microbes inside the cancer cell penetrate the cell nucleus (where the DNA is located). The DNA of the cancer microbes may “mix” with the DNA of the cell and modify the DNA of the cancer cell, causing DNA damage. This is the basis of “gene therapy” in conventional medicine. But DNA damage is not what causes the cell to be cancerous. It is only a symptom of the presence of the microbes. Cancer researchers, such as the American Cancer Society, are trying to fix the DNA damage. This is a total waste of time! But it convinces the general public that they are “looking for” a cure for cancer, when in fact they have no intention of “curing” cancer. Had they hired one of the ICRF cancer researchers they could have 25 cures for cancer in one week! Many of the conventional cancer “research” organizations do a good job of pretending to look for cures for cancer, but in fact they have no interest in curing cancer at all. This is the key: by killing the microbes inside the cancer cells, Dr. Rife was able to prevent the microbes from blocking the ATP energy. Once the microbes were dead, the cancerous cells were able to access their ATP energy and “reverted” into normal cells again! The ICRF researcher who discovered how microbes block the ATP energy also developed about 25 different ways to kill these microbes while they are inside the cancer cells (the microbe is actually a bacteria – Helicobacter Pylori) thereby reverting the cancer cells into normal cells. Here is one example of how the bacteria inside the cancer cell are killed. Let us consider the “honey and turmeric” protocol, which is part of the Dirt Cheap Protocol (that is its real name because so many cancer patients cannot afford some of the natural cancer treatments) on the Cancer Tutor website. Cancer cells have more glucose receptors than normal cells and thus are attracted to honey. To some degree, honey can kill the microbes inside the cancer cells, but it is far more effective to mix the honey with turmeric (or some other herb which kills microbes) to eradicate these microbes. Therefore honey becomes a “Trojan Horse” to get the turmeric inside. Three different studies show that turmeric is the most effective herb at eliminating Helicobacter Pylori and the cells are reverted into normal cells. The Dirt Cheap Protocol includes over a dozen other techniques that are synergistic with honey and turmeric because they are also designed to target and kill the microbes inside the cancer cells. The Dirt Cheap Protocol can be found on the Cancer Tutor website (www.cancertutor.com) along with several other natural cancer treatments. In addition, the Royal Rife technology, which also reverts cancer cells into normal cells, has been replicated and improved upon. On the Cancer Tutor website, the “High RF Frequency Protocol” is automated and performs everything the original Rife frequency generators did and much more. In conclusion, natural medicine researchers use traditional methods (e.g. carrot juice with a little beet juice mixed in) as well as state-of-the-art technologies as a cure for cancer. There are many natural medicine cancer clinics, some run by medical doctors who switched to natural medicine. Dr. Mark Hyman, MD has just published a ground breaking new book I highly recommend that you read it! From the moment I glanced at the dedication, I knew there were some real answers waiting in Dr. Mark Hyman’s latest book, Eat Fat, Get Thin: “For the one in two Americans with chronic disease, for those who struggle to answer the question, ‘What should I eat?’ this is for you.” He is speaking to an America that has followed so many food crazes in search of better health, that we find ourselves totally confused and, as Hyman says, “fatter and sicker than ever.” I almost fell out of my chair when I read the statistics: in 1960 1 in 100 Americans had type 2 diabetes, today it is 1 in 10 people. You could say Dr. Hyman is on a mission to change the world as he says, “The single biggest health problem we face globally is the metabolic disaster that has led to a global epidemic of obesity, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease.” We experience this tragedy every day as we see countless obese children who don’t know what it means to run effortlessly and be carefree, our parents and grandparents die prematurely, and our friends go through the motions of living but never feel alive. Dr. Hyman’s book makes me feel hopeful because he gives us both the why and the how to reverse chronic disease and climb out of this disaster. In Part I of the book, Hyman tells the story of how we got to this state of what he calls “metabolic havoc” in which fat was demonized and food manufacturers responded with a dizzying array of low-fat, but high-sugar alternatives. Current research points to sugars and refined carbs as the “true causes of obesity and heart disease—not fats,” as we have been trained to believe. Hyman tells us that “carbs turn on the metabolic switch, causing a spike in the hormone insulin, and leads to fat storage.” Hyman is very clear that sugar by any other name (…Agave nectar…Honey…High-fructose corn syrup…) is still sugar and sugar is our true villain. My favorite concept of Dr. Hyman’s is “diabesity,” his term for all sorts of problems that come about because of blood glucose and insulin imbalances. You could almost call it his bread and butter theory of carbohydrate intolerance! This is the epidemic that haunts us today as we do everything in our power to avoid fats while we flood our bodies with carbs that create a metabolic reaction that blocks our path to wellness. Dr. Hyman shares an increasing body of research showing that “high-fat diets outperform low-fat diets for weight loss and for reversing every single indicator of heart disease risk, including abnormal cholesterol, diabetes, hypertension, inflammation and more.” Hyman shares the evolution of knowledge that leads us to an understanding today that there is no clear link between dietary fat, saturated fat, or cholesterol and heart disease! Part II of the book is where Dr. Hyman really takes off in his quest to dispel harmful myths and clear up ambiguities about fats. He explains that fat calories are burned differently from sugar calories and the fat calories can actually speed up metabolism, but they don’t turn on the metabolic switch to spike insulin the way carbs do. It is the composition and quality of foods that determine whether we gain or lose weight. Dr. Hyman does a wonderful job at explaining the wide world of fats, especially discussing the dangers of the inflammatory oils (such as trans fats, refined omega 6 oils, shortening, vegetable and seed oil, etc.) and he lays out an understandable case for the healthy fats (Omega 3 fats, olive oil, coconut oil, avocados, wild-caught cold-water fatty fish, etc.). I wasn’t expecting the crash course on fats and heart disease. Thanks to Dr. Hyman, I now feel prepared to hold my own in discussions about inflammation, cholesterol, and statins, especially when it comes to questioning so many myths that have been bolstered by Big Pharma. I am happy to once again say that eggs are my friends and they are even better with grass-fed butter! Part III offers a 21-day “Eat Fat, Get Thin Plan.” Hyman simplifies and clarifies food choices, not as a manual to lose weight, but to get healthy. He has been refining the approach for years in his work with patients and has shown real results through pounds dropped, waists trimmed, and reductions in blood pressure and blood glucose levels. Dr. Hyman’s goal is not looking for fast results, but an initial “reset” followed by a long-term, individualized eating plan for life. The plan outlines everything one should eat (the right fats to increase weight loss), drink and do, including ideal exercises and strategies to relax and sleep better. A daily schedule is laid out which is a fabulous way to ensure success! Once readers have journeyed through the 21-day plan mastering the principles of an optimal human diet, they are transitioned to Part IV that presents Eat Fat, Get Thin Cooking Suggestions and Recipes. Dr. Hyman’s extensive experience following his patients’ successes and understanding the nature of their roadblocks remains an undercurrent as he attends to every detail, such as the best way to plan eating for the week “the easiest way to make a healthy eating plan is to pull it together over the weekend…with this basic framework, you can’t go wrong.” I’ve only had a chance to try a couple of the recipes. So far, Dr. Hyman’s Green Breakfast Smoothie is a favorite. What better way to power up for the day than by drinking a whole avocado, spinach, cucumber, and lots of other healthy ingredients? It is a great way to enjoy healthy fats and I have to remind myself when it is time to eat later in the day. Food cravings disappear when we are on a sure-footed path to wellness! Eat Fat, Get Thin is an excellent resource I look forward to referring my readers to when they reach out for suggestions to help them achieve their goals of better health, weight loss, and reversing the epidemic of chronic diseases that are disastrously robbing life from so many people. Thanks for taking the time to read this article. If you found this information helpful, please share it with your friends and family. Your support in our endeavor of sharing free information would be much appreciated. Lawsuits from several quarters are beginning to pile up on Monsanto, considered the most evil corporation and threat to agriculture by many. Guerrilla warfare has been utilized successfully in the past to ward off unwelcome invaders. The cumbersome military machinery of invading or colonizing populations isn’t able to withstand the constantly surprising, unpredictable attacks. Even though each is usually small, their synergy adds up to to stalemate the larger military forces. Consider Monsanto the colonizing invader that’s in league with a government, which is internationally a colonizing military invader. Monsanto former key employees occupy the White House and control the USDA, the EPA, and FDA. Trying to get this government to even label GMOs is a losing battle. So now we must resort to guerrilla warfare through the tort court system. The WHO (World Health Organization) finally did right for those of us who care about our food and the future of food safety. They commissioned a study by the IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer) that determined glyphosate, the known active ingredient of Monsanto’s Roundup, is a probable carcinogenic with a carcinogen rating of 2A. Monsanto’s PR people tried to confuse the issue by declaring the WHO rating is 2B, possibly carcinogenic. But there is a big difference between possible and probable. The next level up from probable is declaring it carcinogenic or group 1. Hawaii has finally stepped to the plate with a tort lawsuit against Monsanto’s Roundup by former Kona Coffee growers. Recent citizens’ legislative attempts to regulate pesticide/herbicide testing that were running rampant on the Islands from Syngenta, Monsanto, and Bayer were thwarted by corrupt state officials. Christine and Kenneth Sheppard, the former owners of Dragon’s Lair Kona Coffee Farm in Honaunau, Hawaii, have launched their lawsuit against Monsanto, Sheppard et al v. Monsanto Company. It was filed in the US District Court in Honolulu by Honolulu attorney Brian K. Mackintosh and the Miller Law Firm of Orange, Virginia. The Sheppards claim Christine was diagnosed with late stage non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma (NHL), after using Roundup on their coffee farm from 1995 to 2004. She was diagnosed with the cancer in 2003, and the filing states Monsanto “knew or had reason to know that its Roundup products were defective and were inherently dangerous and unsafe when used in the manner instructed and provided by defendant.” There are several other similar lawsuits, most of them for NHL, a lymph cancer and leukemia, a blood cancer. Many are from farm workers. According to international news agency Reuters, “the Baltimore firm of Saiontz & Kirk advertises a “free Roundup lawsuit evaluation” on its website. The Washington, D.C. firm Schmidt & Clark is doing the same, as are other firms in Texas, Colorado and California.” These and other law firms are the ambulance chasers to ride with for guerrilla attacks against Monsanto. This is the type of activity that elevates ambulance chasers to righteous crusaders. And they wouldn’t be piling on if in addition to the WHO carcinogenic labeling there has been internal documentation proving Monsanto has known of the dangers and lied to cover them up. Monsanto is also fending off claims over its past manufacturing of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), which the WHO classifies as known carcinogens, group 1. At least 700 lawsuits against Monsanto or Monsanto-related entities are pending. Among them are large lawsuits from California cities demanding Monsanto pay for cleanups of massive PCB contamination that the company had manufactured until the late 1970s. Then it was declared group 1 carcinogenic by all agencies except our EPA, which categorized it as probable, or group 2A. “Monsanto basically unleashed a virus that couldn’t be contained and doesn’t go away,” said Scott Summy, an environmental attorney with Baron & Budd, a Texas-based law firm collaborating on the PCB cleanup cases. So here we are, trying to convince the government and its citizens that the company that specializes in making toxins that harm the environment such as Agent Orange, PCBs, and Roundup, as well as toxins that threaten human and animal health such as aspartame and synthetic growth hormones that force cows to milk more and become sick, is not to be trusted for feeding the world. Never mind expecting help from corrupt governments and politicians for now. Simply sue the lying disease causing sociopathic bastards as often as possible from as many different angles and sources that can exist. Here’s why it is important to maintain at least a level of guerrilla warfare against the biotech industry. Thanks for taking the time to read this article. If you found this information helpful, please share it with your friends and family. Your support in our endeavor of sharing free information would be much appreciated. Paul Fassa is a contributing staff writer for REALfarmacy.com. His pet peeves are the Medical Mafia’s control over health and the food industry and government regulatory agencies’ corruption. Paul’s contributions to the health movement and global paradigm shift are well received by truth seekers. Visit his blog by following this link and follow him on Twitter here A fairly recent and large study investigated the link between depression and the intake of coffee, tea, and sweet drinks. After following approximately 300,000 people, researchers at the National Institutes of Health determined that coffee intake was associated with a slightly lower risk of depression. (source) They cite a study that was published last June in Neurobiology of Aging, where the researchers supplemented the diets of rats with a component of coffee. As a results, the animals’ brains were shielded against the changes that take place in the brain which are typical of Alzheimer’s sufferers. They also cite a 2013 study in which another experiment found the same compound to have protective effects against Parkinson’s disease in mouse models. Definitely some intriguing research that warrants further investigation, but it’s interesting to see that science is shedding light on a drink that has always been used as a vice to receive a quick energy boost. Another example comes in the form of colon cancer treatment. Among people who have stage three colon cancer, drinking at least four cups of coffee daily actually reduced the risk of cancer recurrence or death by more than 50 percent. Drinking at least two cups a day lowered the risk by 31 percent. (source) A 2007 meta-analysis found that drinking two cups of coffee per day was associated with a 43 percent reduced risk of liver cancer, which has also been confirmed by various other research. (source) Another meta-analysis that looked at 59 studies found that drinking one cup of coffee per day was associated with a 3 percent reduced risk of cancer, and there is even research claiming that coffee can lower the risk of skin cancer. (source)(source) Coffee has also been implicated in lowering the risk of type 2 diabetes, and many researchers agree that it is likely that compounds found within coffee have the potential to lower the risk of multiple chronic diseases. The researchers’ hypothesis is that the factors that increase risk for Type 2 diabetes, such as obesity, a sedentary lifestyle and high insulin levels, also drive colon cancer, Dr. Fuchs said. And many studies have shown that coffee consumption is associated with a lower risk for Type 2 diabetes, a chronic illness that may increase the risk of colon cancer. “We believe that activating the energy pathways that contribute to heart disease and diabetes is also relevant for the proliferation of cancer cells,” Dr. Fuchs said, while also stressing that more research was needed. The analysis determined the lowered risk associated with coffee was entirely because of the caffeine. One hypothesis is that caffeine increases the body’s sensitivity to insulin, so it requires less of the hormone. That, in turn, may reduce inflammation, which is a risk factor for diabetes and cancer. There are also a number of studies showing coffee can assist with heart health, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, dementia and premature death. (source) That being said, many other studies have suggested that coffee consumption might actually increase your cancer risk, but when meta-analyses like the one mentioned above are done, the association seems to vanish, and coffee instead becomes protective. Obviously, we would not recommend getting your coffee from a Starbucks or Tim Hortons. Based on all of our research into pesticide accumulation, we strongly recommend premium, single sourced, fair trade, coffee and tea – organic is prime. Conventional coffee is often grown using synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, with the aid of genetically modified organisms. It is also processed and packaged with many chemicals. Anything with synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, artificial flavouring, or preservatives should really be avoided. What are your thoughts? Are you a coffee drinker? If so, do you notice a difference between when you do drink coffee and don’t? Does it do anything for you? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below ( via viralalternativenews.com ). READ MORE: http://www.disclose.tv/news/the_root_cause_of_cancer_no_one_knows_its_been_hidden_since_the_1930s/128460


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