9-11 Truth – The Trump Card


Trumps successful campaign has 9-11 perps turning to their disinfo agents in fear of disclosure.

by Ian Greenhalgh

Back in October, Kevin Barrett wrote an article about Donald Trump and his apparent desire to expose the truth of 9-11:


Today, in the midst of the primaries, Trump and his unlikely campaign for the presidency is still going strong and has in fact, picked up a good deal of steam; so much so that we are seeing signs that those responsible for 9-11 are getting worried.

VT readers will be aware that we have published a very extensive series of articles that lay out the full truth of 9-11 from the detailed analyses of dust and water samples that showed the characteristic isotopes that would be present after a nuclear fusion/fission event to exposing the Mossad safehouse in Fort Lee, NJ where the operation was planned. We have proven the case for the use of advanced mini nukes; we have exposed the perpetrators both foreign and domestic; we have done everything we could to inform people about this crime.

However, no mainstream news outlet would touch any of our info, not one newspaper or TV station showed the slightest interest, we were wilfully ignored with the sad result that the mass of the public remain unaware of just how far we have actually gone in answering all the questions about 9-11; not just the how but more importantly, why and by who.

This widespread ignorance means that there is still scope for the disinfo agents to spread their tales and mislead people away from the truth that NYC was nuked.

Recent weeks have seen the re-emergence of two 9-11 disinfo ops we thought we had seen the back of. The timing is due to Trump’s so far successful campaign for the highest office – the perps are making a desperate effort to get their disinfo out before Trump can blow the whole thing wide open by winning the race to the Oval Office and ordering a disclosure of 9-11 secrets.

Nanothermite AKA ‘Fairy Dust’

First we have Christopher Bollyn, the Israeli disinfo agent we had a run-in with last year when he made a host of easily disproved claims about nanothermite. We crushed Bollyn and his nonsense back then and we thought we’d probably seen the last of him, his credibility holed below the waterline, his disinfo cause rapidly sinking. He left the US and we half expected him to turn up in Haifa or Tel-Aviv.

You can follow our destruction of the nanothermite myth and it’s disinfo agent promoters in these articles from last year:



Takedown: Deconstructing the 9/11 Hokum of Bollyn and S. Jones

But no, Bollyn is back! Relocated to Scandinavia and now touring the US on a speaking tour to promote his ‘Israel did 9-11 with nanothermite’ nonsense. He correctly points the finger at Israel but then discredits his entire thesis by including the non-existent nanothermite fairy dust he insists can vapourise tall buildings. Radio hosts across the US and Europe are giving Bollyn air time to promote his nonsense; I had the misfortune to hear one appearance where Bollyn trotted out not only his nanothermite myth but also brought up a whole host of long debunked, zero credibility theories from the realms of the internet conspiracy forums such as the plane that struck the South Tower being seen to fire a missile just before striking the building; Bollyn laid on the bovine fecal matter thick with this one, claiming it was a special depleted uranium tipped projectile that passed all the way through the tower to be seen exiting the other side, its speed almost undiminished. I could list a whole lot more extremely smelly stuff that Bollyn shamelessly trotted out but I’ll spare you the details; none of it was worth knowing, none of it was grounded in reality.

The cat lady and her magic beams

Also making an unexpected and decidedly unwelcome comeback is ‘crazy cat lady’ Judy Wood. She of the utterly ludicrous ‘mystical beam weapons in outer space and something to do with HAARP and fancy-sounding scalar waves’theory of how the WTC met it’s end. Wood was in financial dire straits before she wrote her notorious book mixing 9-11 conspiracy theories with fifth rate sci-fi ramblings; either the book sold millions (most unlikely) or she was very handsomely paid for writing it because magically, her money troubles went away. Then there is the inconvenient (for Wood and her masters) fact that her email account was hosted on an ADL server and it is plain that she is working for the people who perpetrated the crime.

The most vocal promoter of Wood and her book is British ‘researcher’ Richard D. Hall who produces TV shows that sometimes air on obscure satellite channels in the UK or can be viewed on Youtube. For the last couple of years I have given Hall something of a pass for supporting Wood; his other work appears thoroughly researched and his theories reasonably well thought out so I gave him the benefit of the doubt that he was honestly drawing the wrong conclusions from Wood’s work. However, in January this year Hall posted a five part video to Youtube promoting Wood’s work that went beyond the boundaries of what I consider misinterpretation into what can only be seen as wilful disinfo.

Hall calls this video Irrefutable, so he is boldly stating that Wood’s theory is not just a possible answer to how the WTC was destroyed but it is THE answer and cannot be refuted.


The description Hall has written for this video makes it blatantly obvious that he is willfully pushing disinfo about 9-11:

Finding out who did 9/11 is NOT the secret they are trying to protect. The secret is so big that they would rather us believe it was done by a faction inside our government or even another government. Keeping us fighting over WHO did it and not looking at what was ACTUALLY done is the goal. Start knowing the TRUTH for yourself. Watch this in full and then GET THE BOOK! Dr. Judy Wood could not be better qualified to forensically and scientifically examine the evidence of the 9/11 attacks. The towers were turned to dust in mid air and were not destroyed using kinetic objects or weapons such as planes, bombs or nukes. The towers were processed with the weapon and turned to dust from within for a period before they collapsed. Watch steel turn to dust before your eyes.

What a load of rubbish, no sane person could be so diametrically opposite of reality without having an agenda to mislead. Hall states that the real secret of 9-11 is how it was done; reality is that how it was done pales into insignificance compared to who did it; surely only someone wishing to deflect the public’s gaze away from the perpetrators would make such a statement. Hall then repeats Wood’s ludicrous claims about mysterious beam weapons turning the towers into dust. Hall says he was an engineer for many years before becoming a researcher and broadcaster in the field of UFOS and other esoteric fringe subjects. Surely any engineer who knew his slide rule from his lunch box wouldn’t be fooled by Wood’s unscientific gibberish? Not Richard D. Hall, he thinks Wood’s sci-fi nonsense is ‘the most important book written this century’. I wonder if Hall’s finances have been boosted like Wood’s were?

A further area of concern with Richard D Hall is his purported interest in ‘free energy’. He has stated that Wood’s 9-11 theory of fantastical beam weapons and magical scalar waves holds the key to free energy. Also, he has been promoting the idea of forming a research group in the UK to look into the field of free energy and over unity devices. We know from our work with the Keshe Foundation that great efforts are being expended to keep the lid on free energy research and development of practical over unity machines; therefore I have suspicions that Hall is attempting to trick people in Britain who have done useful work in this field into joining his research group so he can then derail and sabotage their work.


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