Is it time Australia had a proper debate about vaccinations considering parents have every right to question the dangers of some vaccinations that exist and that it’s the government’s responsibility to ensure vaccinations are made safe and/or their benefits are greater than the potential side affects?

If a parent is worried about the safety of vaccination, they are told that they do not understand because they are “not a doctor.” If a doctor is concerned about the safety of vaccination, they are charged with serious professional misconduct.

This is what happened to Dr Jayne Donegan, a U.K. GP who was accused by the General Medical Council (GMC) of “serious professional misconduct” after offering her professional opinion in a case where two mothers were fighting their children’s fathers about the infants’ vaccinations. Dr Donegan won her case and raised the question of whether children really need vaccinations to be healthy.

Dr Donegan gave Collective Evolution’s Anna Rodgers permission to use her account and prove why a very strong advocate for vaccinations now tours the U.K. giving lectures to parents about vaccines and how to use homeopathy, nutrition and supplements to boost health. In the 1980s Dr Donegan used to counsel parents who refused to vaccinate their children against whooping cough, which was considered the ‘problematic’ vaccine in those days. She used to think that people who refused to vaccinate their children were “either ignorant or sociopathic” and was taught that those who died from diseases such as measles, whooping cough and diphtheria stopped dying because of vaccines’ introduction.

Dr Donegan admitted that she was so averse to the idea of leaving her children unvaccinated that she allowed one of her daughters to be vaccinated with an expired vaccine after the doctor assured her of its efficiency. Her daughter had “a terrible reaction,” but she still carried on with the rest of the vaccines at two, three and four months because she was convinced it was the right thing to do.

However, Dr Donegan’s attitude radically changed in 1994, when the Chief Medical Officer sent out letters to all pharmacists, GPs, nursing officers and other healthcare staff telling them there was going to be an epidemic of measles. They were told that even those who had two doses of measles vaccine were still at risk of becoming infected, a worrying thought since “in those days there was only one measles vaccine in the schedule.”

She started reading some books that could be described as “anti-vaccination” which contained graphs that showed the majority of the decrease in deaths from infectious diseases for which there is a vaccine occurred before they became available in the 1950s and 1960s. Dr Donegan’s continued researching this subject although it was hard to obtain the information she needed and realized the reason why the Department of Health’s graphs made the vaccine appear so efficient was because they started when most of the improvements in health had already occurred.

Thirteen years ago, she went to the High Court as she was involved in a case where two mothers did not want to vaccinate their children, so they were fighting their ex-partners about it. Dr Donegan noted that the efficacy of vaccines has not been well studied and that there were other ways of ensuring children’s health than vaccination.

Her evidence was called “Junk Science” and the GMC targeted the doctor, but after hiring Clifford Miller, a lawyer who was well-read on the subject of vaccination, she won the case. After her GMC enquiry ended, Dr Donegan concluded that when doctors raise questions on the safety of vaccination, they are told “We’re charging you with serious professional misconduct.”

– See more at: http://www.australiannationalreview.com/doctor-proves-children-vaccines-healthy/#sthash.9JORfHBJ.dpuf

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