While Russia has presented a draft resolution to the United Nations asking all parties to respect Syria’s right to sovereignty, the United States and France have criticized the move as a mere distraction. This is not a ‘shocker’ given that the US and France are both currently violating Syria’s sovereignty.


The West has been backing Syrian opposition factions since the 2011 beginning of the civil war. By first supplying arms to rebel groups, and then by launching a bombing campaign, the United States and its allies have acted militarily in Syria without permission from the legitimate government of President Bashar al-Assad.


It should come as no surprise, then, that both the US and France would roundly dismiss a recent UN resolution drafted by Russia to respect Syria’s sovereignty.

Presented to the UN Security Council on Friday, the draft calls on all nations to avoid “provocative rhetoric and inflammatory statements” that could escalate foreign intervention in Syrian affairs.

Russia also stressed that it was open to revising the draft to better accommodate all involved.


“I told my partners that Russia is ready for consultations on the draft resolution, and we welcome any suggestions in the near future,” Vladimir Safronkov, Deputy Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation to the UN, told RIA Novosti.

But Western officials have rejected the resolution outright, dismissing it as a “distraction.”

Unlike France, Russia’s airstrikes come at the behest of the Syrian government.

The West’s immediate rejection of the resolution could be an indication that a ground invasion by Turkish or Saudi Arabian troops could be imminent. The Russian-backed draft states that “attempts or plans for foreign ground intervention” be abandoned, and expresses its “grave alarm at the reports of military buildup and preparatory activities aimed at launching a foreign ground intervention into the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic.”

Both Ankara and Riyadh have pushed for the deployment of their ground forces in Syria. At this point both sides are not even pretending their troops would be aimed at the so called Islamic State, rather the move would target the Syrian government, and seek the removal of President Assad.


The reason for this is purely business. The U.S., Turkish and Saudi Governments have invested billions in arming, training, and the salaries of foreign jihadists in the ousting the Syrian president whose only sin was refusing to give up Syrian territory to US and British corporations for a gas pipeline from Qatar to the EU.


Although called a ‘civil’ war by the Western Media, this is anything but a civil war. Over 30,000 foreign jihadis from Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Jordan, Chechnia, China, Pakistan, Kosovo, Albania, Egypt, France, Belgium, the UK etc have been killed in the past four years. These are private foreign mercenaries who are paid to fight.



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