MH17:Minister passes (no) answer questions radar

Yes! There they are: answers to questions about why nobody investigation MH17 does pretends to make only interest seems to be the primary evidence: radar images of Russia and Ukraine. In late January Ard van der Steur alleged that the OM whispered in his ear that she need not have radar. No, he had not written that had the room but believe he said during the MH17 Radar Puzzle Debate on 4th February. That produced when extremely painful images that we show above still agree with all the love. We saw a fierce sweating obese Minister distraught his impotence was trying to move away with a pile of papers that was not big enough to hide his apparent nervousness behind.Failure fascinating was that. There were at that time already thirteen urgent parliamentary question by Pieter & Sjoerd (we may say Peter & Sjoerd) on the radar and are now, two weeks later, and finally answered late. A few notable cases:
• According to Van der Steur, the OM ‘in different states “to” necessary information “requested by letters rogatory or who requests that have given Van der Steur not tell But 1. The Netherlands has no primary radar images.. Russia, Ukraine, USA and NATO and 2. the government refuses a request for assistance to be submitted to the ICAO (and the Chamber found that this week bizarrely totally fine ), so: which rogatory apparently still open, but have so far each case returned no primary evidence and no one seems in a hurry to turn back to get those pictures anyway.
• Van der Steur claims in his reply that none other than the Board of Procurators-General (the top bosses of the OM – hello shadow VVD “thereHerman Bolhaar ) told the minister that” there is now no need to ask the government for additional information in the field of radar and satellite data. “there’s no evidence for it is done verbally according to Sturgeon. That’s weird at the level “Several people have video footage of an unsolved murder, but police they do not have.” Inconsistent.
• Finally, the Van der Steur not known whether the Joint Investigation Team (JIT countries doing research led by the Netherlands to the perpetrators of the shooting down of MH17) countries that do not agree with it does not retrieving the primary radar data. Sturgeon: “These signals are not known to me.” Read: ‘They do not love’ or ‘We asked them anything. ” JIT also running for a meter, in terms of cooperation. Should Van der Steur know people who are deceased to an international disgrace?
Well, read for yourself the answers but. Van der Steur sounds on paper (pdf) just as nervous as in the video above.


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