Berkeley Professor: ’People Are Not Dying Because Of Cancer, But Because Of Chemotherapy! And They Are Dying In Unbearable Pain’


Industry of cancer, no matter how hard we try to cover up, is exactly that: an industry. Doctors, pharmacists, pharmaceutical companies and others are key members of this industry that make profit every time a cancer patient decides to for a conventional treatment of his/her cancer disease, which usually involves chemotherapeutical solutions. It is not very known that science is covering up or ignore the fact that, despite the medical industry is often claiming, chemotherapy is losing its battle in fight against the cancer.

Dr Hardin B. Jones, ex-professor of medical physics and physiology science at Berkley University i n California, has studied life expectancy of cancer patients for more than 25 years, when he concluded that, despite the general opinion, chemotherapy is not effective at all.

He witnessed that a vast number of patients treated with chemo died in horrible pain and eventually death. He also concluded that many treated with chemo died faster and more painful than many other patients who chose other ways of treatment.  After a prolonged research, he concluded chemotherapy shortens life and is actually killing patients faster, and it is done on purpose because there is whole industry involved behind it.

People who refuse chemotherapy treatment live in average 12 and half years longer than those who undergo this kind of treatment’ said Dr Jones to the New York Academy Journal. People who accepted chemotherapy died in average three years after being diagnosed, and many of them died only a several week after.

Breast cancer patients who refused conventional therapy lived 4 times longer than those who followed the system’s solution to the problem.

It is something you won’t hear on the mass media who will still force the myth about how chemotherapy is the best way to treat cancer.’ A research was conducted and published in Journal of American Medical Association in 1979, and in that research it was concluded that the most common methods for diagnosing and treating breast cancer, many of them still used today, did not do much in decreasing mortality within these patients, nor increased the percentage of cancer survivors. Similar studies, one from Israel (1978) and another from Great Britain, published in the Lancet (1980) concluded almost the same. ’The total number of breast cancer survived patients was not increased in last 10 years, not even with increased use of multiple doses of the chemotherapy for the treatment of metastases’ explains the Lancet study, named ’Failure of chemotherapy to prolong survival in a group of patients with metastatic breast cancer.

The truth hidden well reveals that people who ’died of cancer’ actually died due to chemotherapy or radiation. Chemotherapy kills healthy cells before cancer destroys them, and cancer can grow sometimes slow and there are some natural remedies that can stop it and defeat it. Most of the deceased patients, who allegedly died of cancer, actually died of malnutrition because cancer damaged cells take all nutrients from blood for themselves and destroy the immune system, so the organism is so weakened it cannot defend itself anymore. Contemporary medicine has the cure for every disease but it is well hidden secret. That is why the treatment for cancer is so expensive.

Most of the patients die because of the chemotherapy side-effects. Chemotherapy does not remove breast, colon or lung cancer. This fact has been revealed more than 10 years ago, but doctors still suggest chemotherapy to their patients that are sick of these tumors. (Allen Levin, MD UCSF “The Healing of Cancer).

German epidemiologist from’ Mannheim Tumor Clinic’ in Heidelberg, Dr Urlich Abel, conducted a thorough research analyzing every major study that has been published and followed every chemotherapy treatment. His conclusions are a must read for everybody who is thinking about getting a chemotherapy treatment, said Tim O’Shea in his book’ The Doctor Within’.

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