Chemist at Famous Cancer Research Center Found Dead in Woods


Seattle, Washington

(update: Husband ruled out via surveillance cameras. Blood stains found in the victim’s car. Authorities are asking people in area to look for anything out of place) mainstream media says it’s “frightening”. People are also writing saying “She never was a chemist” Um, yes she was and her degree is IN chemistry as she states here and calls herself a chemist on her Linkedin profile. Just because she worked as SAP at cancer research center doesn’t mean a self described chemist with a degree in chemistry is no longer a chemist. Just to clarify.

Some people seem to be confusing her with the cancer researcher I wrote about the day before Valentine’s day who was also found in the woods, but in a rubber body suit (linked below) I know it’s hard to keep them all straight- but Ms. Deboer’s body was discovered on Feb 14th- Valentine’s day) also in the woods, NOT in a body suit. Please read carefully. It’s a lot to keep up with.

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center officials have stated that a body found in a Mountlake Terrace culvert on Sunday afternoon, Valentine’s day, has been identified as missing employee 54-year-old chemist, Cheryl DeBoer. 

An autopsy was being conducted Monday, authorities said.

According to a news release, family members and co-workers described her as stable and say her disappearance was “completely out of character.”

DeBoer was supposed to meet a friend at the “park and ride” and carpool to work, police had said.

Her friend received a text from her about 7 a.m. last Monday indicating she had left her work ID badge at home and after going back to get it she would catch a bus instead, police said. Her husband reported her missing midday after he heard she did not show up for work.

Assistant Police Chief Pete Caw said last week that records show DeBoer didn’t use her bus pass that morning, though she could have used cash. And at that time, there had been no activity on her cellphone or bank account, he said.

Han Nachtriebt, vice president of Fred Hutchinson human resources, released a statement Sunday afternoon officially noting the body had been identified as DeBoer’s:

“It is with deep regret and sorrow that we’ve recently had confirmation that Cheryl DeBoer, missing since February 8, has been found. Her remains were located this afternoon near the King/Snohomish border,” Nachtrieb wrote. “Cheryl has been in the hearts and minds of her many friends and co-workers, and we are deeply saddened by this tragic news.”

Rhonda Curry, a spokeswoman at the research center, said the statement was issued after a TV station told her it had spoken with the family and received confirmation of the identity.

Searchers had been combing neighborhoods, parks, and woods in the area since DeBoer failed to show up at work at the cancer research center last Monday.

DeBoer’s husband found her car that day in the 23400 block of 58th Avenue Southwest, just east of the park-and-ride lot near Veterans Memorial Park, an area used for overflow parking at the transit center.

Around 12:30 p.m. Sunday, a group of volunteers found the body in a large, grassy area maintained by the city near 244th Street Southwest and Cedar Way, about a mile and a half southeast of where DeBoer’s vehicle had been located, Commander Kevin Pickard said during a Sunday afternoon media briefing.

“’They came here just to broaden their search’, Pickard said.

‘Our hearts are very heavy right now,’ He added.”

I will update this story as I know more. It was with heavy hearts that we announced the death of a cancer researcher yesterday (Valentine’s Day) who was also found dead in the woods (hanging from a tree in a rubber body suit) << different person folks, for those writing me who are confused about this fact.

Sadly, we can’t make this stuff up.

I had been very strict, only writing about mysterious doctors deaths, until this last month or so. That is when I saw the trend (if you will) of cancer researcher deaths. One was hit by a car and then buried in a makeshift grave, another stabbed in his “very safe” neighborhood in Canada. The one I announced yesterday was found dead in the woods and now this one found on Valentine’s Day. << click for entire timeline, video and dates.

Our heart goes out to the family and friends.

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