Mainstream media suggests that vaccines are an integral part of a child’s growth and health, a notion often unquestioned by millions. Yet, this may be the time to stop and reflect on whether vaccines actually deserve the credibility they command, suspects a report published by wakeupworld.com.

Some of the recent vaccination results and findings based on research have been considered perilous, thus creating the pressing need to review the status and depth of the vaccination system.

Currently, many children are being treated as guinea pigs in the name of vaccination research. ‘The one-size-fits-all’ is perhaps the most bizarre and drastic invention, when it comes to vaccines.

For instance, a large number of reports have established that children who are malnourished and thus vulnerable to intestinal problems may not take too well to vaccines. Since such children make up for a large part of the global population, new solutions and perspectives need to be enforced.

Another condition is that of polio-affected children. USA has put a stop on oral polio vaccines and resorted to injected vaccinations for the disease. WHO has made remarkable enquiries on this facet and found that there is a certain vaccine-derived Poliovirus as well. Five vaccinated children actually got paralysed in Ukraine.

It has since shunned the poliovirus (cVDPV1). Unfortunately, those affected from this virus can also pass on the disease to others with lower immunity.

The Dangers of Polio Vaccine

The polio vaccine has become increasingly controversial. Reportedly, it adversely impacts the patient’s intestine and in some cases, the entire body. There have been two such cases every year for the last 16 years. Asphyxiation, paralysis and even death can be polio’s ultimate effects.

Interestingly, while the polio vaccine is regarded as the best cure for polio, it is not the only cure. The best way would be to augment the immune system.

One other controversial vaccine is the flu shot, which is administered every year to a large number of people, but is actually adding to the problem. There are doubts regarding its potency and many feel there may be safer alternatives, as established from Harris poll.

If kids sleep well, maintain hygiene and consume a balanced diet, they are more likely to grow a stronger immune system. Reports suggesting that flu shots worked only for 18 kids per hundred, has opens up the issue regarding the need for alternatives.

A high-end research in San Diego has promulgated that children who get regular flu shots are thrice more vulnerable to hospital admission than those who don’t resort to flu shots. The asthma vaccine yields even worse returns.

Vaccines also have yielded odd side-effects such as narcolepsy. The recently popular swine flu vaccine has been connected to narcolepsy. Those who suffered from swine flu and recovered may have purchased narcolepsy in return.

– See more at: http://www.australiannationalreview.com/vaccines-harm-full-support-governments-globally/#sthash.0vQfC3Yb.dpuf


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