More PROOF Zika is Just Population Control….


The Zika train has left the station and until it crashes, it will continue to roll through country after country as an enforcer of population control. The public at large is being herded along, uncontested, as world Government agendas play out.

The first signs of population control came with Brazil, El Salvador and Colombia recommended women delay getting pregnant for at least two years. The United States has even stepped in to advocate less strict abortion laws throughout Latin America. Latin America has some of the strictest abortion laws in the world, however, U.S. influence leveraging Zika fears could look to change this. If this were to be the case, suddenly, Latin America would not only be in the midst of encouraging population control by scaring women into fertile dormancy, but they’d also be encouraging pregnancy termination in cases where women may only “think” they have Zika. Zika remains an unconfirmed and invalid connection to Microcephaly.

“This push for more abortion access is heartbreaking, especially since there are different degrees of microcephaly,” Rep. Jeff Duncan (R-S.C.), chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on the Western Hemisphere, remarked recently.

Duncan’s remarks are actually grounded in logic. But the mainstream media (see Slate.com below)  is spinning it as if he’s just another God-fearing windbag.

Republicans in Congress say that microcephaly isn’t all that bad, and women in South and Central America who contract the mosquito-transmitted Zika virus shouldn’t terminate pregnancies if they are concerned that their fetus may have the associated birth defect. At a hearing about Zika on Wednesday, Rep. Jeff Duncan, R-S.C., decried calls by global health experts, including the highest-ranking human rights leader in the United Nations, for increased access to abortion and contraception in the countries beset by the fast-spreading virus. “This push for more abortion access is heartbreaking, especially since there are different degrees of microcephaly,” Duncan said, and some children born with the birth defect, which has spiked in Brazil in the months since the onset of the Zika epidemic, “go on to lead very normal lives.”

This is a perfect example of the media doing the Government’s work. Pushing for abortion access as a general standard is a much different argument than pushing for abortion access based on invalid science regarding Zika. They just aren’t one in the same. Duncan’s issue is the opening up of abortion laws to encourage abortions for people who may only think they have Zika. Or people with Zika who will never have babies affected by Microcephaly. The Governments main goal here is twofold: Assist in the production of new vaccines and pass abortion laws in Latin America. And the media is once again carrying out an assist-campaign to help further the agendas. So will Zika vaccines themselves be pregnancy terminations? When we consider the entire equation, it isn’t far off to believe this to be so.

I wrote yesterday that Zika’s Abortion Catastrophe is just getting started. Well, now it is finally on the House floor. The House of Representatives is now pushing to abort babies based on pregnant women being afraid they “might” have Zika. And this is all based on faulty science connecting Zika to Microcephaly. So now Latin America’s cultural standards are going to be challenged (again, I predicted this yesterday). Will Latin America regret putting their cultural abortion standards on the world stage or will they eventually fold up like a lawn chair under U.S. pressures?

Zika is starting to unfold as nothing more than a vaccine and population control agenda (those can clearly be one in the same as well). What other theories make any sense in this fear-mongering debacle? All the evidence is mounting that population control and vaccine production are now on production servers ready to be pushed live to the public at large. And everyone is falling in line like sheep. The idea that our Congress is now appealing other countries over their abortion laws is pure insanity.

In this video, Congressman Lee Zeldin (R, NY-1), actually ties his counterterrorism bill to Zika. The wild connection he makes is clearly him just using the “Zika” name as a way to bring attention to his own agenda. “Zika” is now nothing more than a formidable socio-political buzzword.

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