This is important people. World War 3 is about to start and the Western media is not talking about it. One of the biggest conflicts in recent history is about to start and no one is asking questions about it in the presidential debates in the USA. 

Start asking yourself why is this. Start asking yourself why the mainstream media is not talking about the imminent start of a major conflict between Russia and the USA.

The USA has been found lying to the media and the media reports without asking questions. This one is the latest about a bombing rate above Aleppo which was blamed on Russia. Russia however is blaming it on the USA.                                                                                                               http://truthlibrary.info/2016/02/14/us-bombs-aleppo-blames-russians/

Here are some more articles about troop movements in the region.               http://truthlibrary.info/2016/02/14/turkey-shells-kurds-in-syria-saudis-send-warplanes-to-turkey/   http://truthlibrary.info/2016/02/14/saudis-move-planes-to-turkey-to-join-attack-on-syria/  http://truthlibrary.info/2016/02/14/turkey-begins-shelling-into-syria-ww3-imminent/        http://truthlibrary.info/2016/02/12/saudi-arabia-ready-to-attack-syria-with-arab-coalition/

Then there have been the reports of friction.                                                http://truthlibrary.info/2016/02/14/russian-cut-off-cia-arms-smuggling-operation-in-syria/  http://truthlibrary.info/2016/02/01/putin-accuses-usa-of-spraying-chemtrails-over-syria/        http://truthlibrary.info/2016/02/08/erdogan-blames-russia-for-all-mass-killing-in-syria/

And then the ones that make it really clear war is imminent.                  http://truthlibrary.info/2016/02/14/moscow-states-that-if-us-nato-or-arabs-invade-syria-ww3-is-guaranteed/   http://truthlibrary.info/2016/02/12/obama-just-escalated-the-usa-russia-relationship/

Just connect the dots. Lay down the pieces of the puzzle. It’s all there. Soon we will have a full blown war between Russia and the USA. This means NATO, Arab coalition partners and Europe will all be involved. We can count on China and Iran joining the other side. 

Someone will attack Syria to the point where the Russians will have to retaliate. Or Turkey closes the Bosporus and stops Russia from using its Black Sea Fleet. All acts of war and it will been of this provocations that will sent Russia over the edge. The mainstream media will cry and tell everyone how horrible the Russians are and we have World War 3.

Don’t underestimate this scenario. The ground works have been laid down for years. And lets not forget that according to the law. International law. Russia is the only legal foreign force fighting in Syria. Russia was and is invited by the democratic and lawful government of Syria. All the other parties are there illegally. 

World War 3. It’s days away…….


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