NOS manipuleert en misleidt bij berichtgeving over MH-17



That the truth is the first casualty is unfortunately becoming apparent. During wars
The NOS news can easily be called anti-Russian. The way it is reported on the conflict in Syria, the ‘tensions’ in Eastern Europe and the MH-17 tragedy clearly shows that our ‘public’ channel has a biased opinion on these issues. It is this doubt more and more people in the Netherlands on the objectivity, independence and neutrality of the NIS.Rightly so! It is our sole public broadcaster, which we otherwise finance themselves. In a recent article on the MH-17 tragedy NIS falls again through the basket.

In late January, 22 families of the victims of the MH-17 disaster a letter sent to Russian President Vladimir Putin, the Ukrainian leader Petro Poroshenko and US Secretary of State, John Kerry. In the letter, they would have asked for clarification on the radar which the countries. The relatives insist that the images come to light, but the Dutch government, which has these images, is very reluctant.
Yesterday, the families received a reply from Moscow. The NOS has an article written about it, but the article is nothing short of remarkable called.
Thus the NOS public will be directed to a website which read letter in Russian is if it is clicked on the link to the letter. The NIS has taken no trouble to translate the whole letter, while the Netherlands is very involved in the accident. Once we have the letter in English had found, we understood why the NIS has made ​​that choice: NIS namely lying in the article.

states that the letter from the relatives to both Putin and Ukrainian President has sent Porosjenko In the article of the NIS. That letter also to the US Secretary of State, John Kerry, has been sent is not mentioned by the NIS. He has, to date no response yet given to the letter.
The chief executive of the Russian Aviation Authority Rosaviatsiya, Oleg Stortsjevoi, on behalf of Putin sent a letter stating that all available data is transmitted over the crash of flight MH17 to the Dutch Safety Board Safety. Oleg Stortsjevoi doing his statements in a letter, in reply to questions that had sent relatives to Russian President Putin.
Writes NOS in the article about the letter:

“He does not address the question of whether Russia on the satellite images available.”

While there are clear in the letter is:

If the satellite is concerned, I would like to stress that Russia has already revealed its available satellite data in the days immediately after the crash. These data confirm that include exercise and increased activity by the Ukrainian Buk-aircraft rocket systems detected within the conflict zone in eastern Ukraine a day before the tragedy. Russia shared that information with the Dutch Safety Board, but after its final report was released, the DSB appeared to have chosen not to consider the Russian satellite data and not even be included in the report . ”

He has therefore been discussed whether Russia has the satellite. Why the NIS does not write?What is behind this? Why the Dutch population is so poorly informed about the crash? What role does the media, who accuse the Russian separatists from day one, in this study? Why is withheld crucial information, even for the survivors?
As the NIS does frequently in such cases they will probably come up with some excuse, for example, that something went wrong during translation. We leave it to you to ask them why facts are being concealed.

in September 2014 Anti-Russia manipulation of the NIS was the first time in the public spotlight: the images of the ‘neglected’ interview with Russian President Putin went viral.Namely the NOS News had aired a clip in which the BBC reporter John Sweeney President Putin questioning to Russia’s involvement in the situation in Ukraine. The voiceover says: “When the BBC reporter Putin about to ask a question, it is virtually ignored.” Then we got to see pictures of the reporter who asks questions and Putin which without saying run away something.
It turned a cleaved fragment. GeenStijl has overtaken the unedited footage, and in it we see that Putin after asking Sweeney remains and for two minutes , the journalist word. In the video both fragments are shown below.

Tibbe Joustra
The international investigation into MH-17 is done by the Dutch Safety Board (OVV, english: DSB). The council, composed of a number of permanent council members, the face of the Research Council is to society.
At the head of the state OVV Tibbe Joustra. This gentleman has a dubious past. RTL Nieuws as discovered in 2004 that the UWV millions spent on a luxurious renovation of the headquarters. In this connection is often spoken about “golden taps. Parliamentary questions arose. Executives Tjibbe Joustra and Pieter Cloo lied about the renovation costs and had to resign.

The council was founded by Pieter van Hoven Hollow. From February 7, 2011 Joustra was chairman of the Dutch Safety Board, in which capacity he Pieter van Vollenhoven have followed. The process of this appointment was controversial since the appointment was made ​​by the Minister of Security and Justice without the RCN had influence there himself. According to outgoing President and founder Pieter van Vollenhoven this was the independence of the Research Council at stake.

The ‘demands’ NOS itself with RTL News and the Times ‘transparency’ surrounding the MH-17 report. The three broadcasters have filed a lawsuit together against the government. The news organizations want the Minister of Security and Justice publishes more documents on the settlement of the MH17 disaster. The lawsuit is the next step in WOB procedures editors in the autumn of 2014 started separately. They put it together in a coordinated appeal.

We can go down by now we have to ask whether the lawsuit and the leading role of the Netherlands during the examination is not a sham to satisfy public opinion. While the NIS in the lawsuit for ‘greater transparency’ calls, they hide themselves in facts articles about this case. We are now more than a year later, and no further. Where is the ‘rock bottom’?


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