Think what will happen when your kids turn into automatons; when their bodies won’t respond to natural neural signals and their glands would cease harmonizing physical activities. What would you do if their expressions lack human prescience and seem robotic?

The ministers will assemble in Kremlin in Moscow, Russia and listen to a pertinent report made by the Interior Health Minister. This will relate to the huge vaccination shade-practice getting conducted by US agencies and affecting the planet in whole.

President Vladimir Putin is fastidious on this aspect and has always thought the undergoing vaccination business to be a huge scam. He has requested for this report to clarify the roles of Big Pharma in this, so Russia can prepare a staunch defense and steer clear of the imbroglio for future.

The report is actually an attestation of Putin’s fears. There clearly is some dichotomy between what the US Government is proposing in context to health and vaccines and what the pharmaceutical enterprises are acting on.

In an almost dramatic turnaround, quite a few of the US scientists and researchers who have smelled a rat therein have suffered unnatural deaths, strengthening the precept that something is amiss. The proposed investigation would cover much beyond the usual bravado and easy-buy scientists who have succumbed to the vaccine game-play. In the main, credit must be given to those scientists who have been vocal against this.

The vaccination machination will be termed a ‘self-perpetuating criminal racket.’ There are instances that showcase certain education and research centers in venal light. For instance, the claim made by University of Bristol that diet soda is better for human body than water (there are reports that Coca Cola is behind it) opens up the skullduggery that is occurring in the West and how it is impacting the state of health.

There is a bigger game going on in the West. The Governments are colluding with corporate enterprises to indoctrinate common people that certain vaccines are absolutely necessary for them. This money-minting scheme takes scant note of the general well-being and will condition the popular mindset into vaccine addition in course of time.

It is important to inculcate mental strength so as to not fall prey to this ghastly effect on the senses. Once you start playing to their tunes, you will not find the path to liberation. Your children will lose the quotients of humanness and will transform into order-obeying machines and bots. Their power to think exclusively will subside and they will be no more than guinea pigs for further experiments. Fight it out with the ‘haves’ before it is too late. Fight for your independent existence.

– See more at: http://www.australiannationalreview.com/putin-wary-hold-reins-people-vaccinedependence/#sthash.qz498jaM.dpuf


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