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Blue and Purple (US/NATO) vs. Red and Orange (Russia/China) 

It’s that time in history. That time in history that the shit will hit the fan. The time that push comes to shove. The banks in Europe and the USA are at the brink of facing another massive collapse. There will be another global financial crisis and people will loose their pensions, 401K’s and saving all over again. Only this time there is one difference. We have seen it before. We have seen the greed kill our economy and people won’t take it as easily if it happens again.

But it will happen again and it will happen soon. All the signs are there. All the indicators are pointing to an imminent financial collapse. This time just like the last time it has the same culprits. It’s the fault of the greedy bankers and their rich friends. That will make this collapse possible. They will push for it as they are the ones that will profit the most from all of us losing most of what we have.

This time though we are smarter. We have access to more information and the alternative media is larger then ever. The mainstream media won’t be able to ignore the stories of greedy bankers creating this crisis and living it up while all of us are losing it all. This time there will be an uprising. The people won’t take it if the 0.1% are going to be enriching themselves over the backs of everyone else.

So the 0.1% has to cover themselves. They have done this many times in the past and their technique of choice is to deflect the people’s attention to something more important. Or at least something the mainstream media can plug like that. Just like the trillions of missing government money that everyone was talking about on 10 September 2001. Only the alternative media has been raising questions about the missing trillions since 9-11. And no one seemed to care as there is the war on terror now that we have to focus on. This is way more important than trillions of dollars in government corruption.

But we know what will happen. All the signs are there. Saudi Arabia is moving 350.000 troops, 20.000 tanks and hundreds of planes to the Syrian border. Officially it is a Saudi/Arab coalition that the U.S. and/or NATO have nothing to do with. But it is hard to believe that the largest military exercise in the world ever is conducted without the help and at least approval of the USA. So we have all these troops coming together on the Syrian border. What if they are there to attack? Far fetched? Not really. The Western powers have been losing ground everyday since the Russians joined the fighting. The Russians have a vested interest in Syria and need their air bases in Syria and Assad’s friendship more then any other ally at this point in time. From a geopolitical perspective Russia would be committing suicide if they gave up Syria.

Russia have warned the neighbouring countries that attacking Syria will be an act of war. Russia has a highly capable military machine. They have some of the best ground-to-air missiles and they would be able to stop a boring raid site easily if they started shooting down coalition planes. However when there are 350.000 troops and 20.000 tanks crossing the border the only way to stop them is by using tactical nuclear weapons. The USA, NATO, the EU, Saudi Arabia and every other country involved knows this. And they know Russia will defend Syria to the death. Tactical nukes will probably be used if they sent 350.000 troops over the border.

The Western mainstream media will come out with big headlines. Breaking news! Russia is using nuclear weapons on coalition forces in Syria. The gullible and easily manipulated will be up in arms and screaming for the head of Putin.

Before you know what has happened the NATO, USA and EU will be attacking Russia in Syria, Ukraine and probably the Baltic States too. We are days away from the Syrian proxy war being turned into a full blown world war. It will be deliberate and who knows what will happen after that. What will China, Iran and North Korea do. North Korea might attack the south. China will start to protect their assets in Southeast Asia and Africa. Before we know it the whole world is up in flames and we are all fighting to save our families.

But one thing we can count on. The super rich. The ones that run this world. They will be fine and they will be getting richer. Whatever happens.


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