Most of you have heard about the so-called “herd immunity” theory of immunity. Well, forget it. It’s a myth. Yeah, I know I know, what about all those doctors, scientists and public health officials that are constantly parroting the theory on TV, radio and printed media. Yeah, they’re wrong. Not the first time. Remember cigarettes? Remember all those recalled prescription drugs that have harmed and killed countless people? The multi-billion dollar lawsuits against pharmaceutical companies. Remember all those pesticides and herbicides they told us were perfectly safe, no problem? DDT, Agent Orange.

How about all those contaminated vaccines (the “bad batches”) that you periodically hear about on the news? Look up SV-40. Research the countless people who were given a vaccine to prevent them from contracting an infectious disease, and then actually ended up getting the disease from the vaccine. Start with the Salk and Sabin polio vaccines. Check out all those tens of thousands of teenage girls, in the tip top physical prime of their life, who allowed themselves to be injected with the Gardasil HPV vaccine and are now little more than a shadow of their former selves. They can barely get up and walk. Lives ruined. And for what?

Yeah, the “experts” are often wrong, and certainly so in the case of the joke known as herd immunity.

The theory of herd immunity may have been valid under the old paradigm of natural immunity—the idea that if you contracted an infectious disease like measles or mumps or rubella, then you would be immune to that disease for the rest of your life. However, the theory is not valid under the current paradigm of vaccine-induced immunity because that sort of “immunity” is temporary, at best—it doesn’t provide life-long protection from disease. Surprise!

You’re familiar with the words “waning” and “booster”? Well, those are simply clever ways of saying the vaccine doesn’t work. Notice all those news stories about communities and schools that have had outbreaks of diseases in which the vast majority of the people, students had been fully vaccinated? Well, there’s your proof. Happens all the time. Surprise!

Oh yeah, and then there’s that wonderful annual flu shot. You know, the one that was determined to have an effectiveness (whatever that means) rate of 18% during the 2014-2015 flu season, and most other seasons is lucky to move that bar above 50% (again, assuming that actually means anything).

Anyway, the point is that if vaccines do not confer the same kind of qualitative, extended protection as you get with natural (i.e. real) immunity, then the theory, or hypothesis, of herd immunity simply falls flat on its face. In other words, the herd is never protected, because, at any one point in time, there are very large portions of the herd that are not immune, because either the vaccine-induced immunity did not take, or it waned. And supposedly for the herd to be protected, at least 95% of the herd must have immunity. Ergo—not protected.

So it’s time to come up with a new theory of immunity, because the old one, well… stinks. For starters, think in terms of the individual sheep, rather than a herd of sheep. Think in terms strengthening each sheep by lowering its susceptibility to falling prey to the Big Bad Wolf (Mr. Infectious Disease). Put aside all that unhealthy fear of that Big Bad Wolf. The Wolf’s irrelevant. Let him come—what is relevant and important is the strength of each sheep.

Repeat after me… it’s about lowering your susceptibility. Susceptibility, that’s the magic word. Remember it. Lowering your susceptibility, that’s what will protect you. Sticking a needle in yourself, that’s just downright medieval.

The goal is to build up the strength of each sheep, thereby lowering its susceptibility to being harmed and overwhelmed by the Big Bad Wolf, thereby lowering the susceptibility of the entire herd from being harmed and overwhelmed by the Big Bad Wolf. In other words, create a lot of Bad Ass Sheep.

So how do you do that? Well, it’s not rocket science. Note I didn’t say it’s easy. The sheep actually have to do some serious work. No more just bending over and having a needle stuck in them. That’s for wimpy, misinformed sheep—the ones who are, strangely, getting sick all the time. Time to do some honest work.

Train each sheep to only do those things that allow their respective immune systems to work as they were designed to work. Teach them to avoid polluting, tricking, or suppressing their immune system, but instead allow their immune system to be activated and respond whenever its needs to, and that when it doesn’t need to, it should be allowed to rest. Teach each sheep to properly nourish and nurture its immune system, and then to sit back and trust it.

That’s how you get a lot of Bad Ass Sheep. That’s the theory.


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