Which came first, the virus or the vaccine? Well in the case of Zika, it is starting to appear more and more likely that the answer is the vaccine. With rumors of a Zika virus vaccine on the horizon, it is beginning to seem as though the pharmaceutical industry was more than prepared for Zika virus fears to create an atmosphere of mayhem.

According to an article in the Latin Post, Bharat Biotech International in Hyderabad, India, filed a patent for a Zika virus vaccine. The vaccine would work by producing antibodies to help fight the virus.

“On Zika, we are probably the first vaccine company in the world to file a vaccine candidate patent about nine months ago,” Krishna Ella, Bharat Biotech managing director said in an interview.

Was this just incredible timing, or something more like opportunistic endeavor? The vaccine is set to be ready in 4 months pending approvals following laboratory testing, animal testing, and human testing.


The state of Florida declared a state of emergency. The United States, as of today, has reported roughly 50 cases of Zika. Forgive me for saying this, but how is it possible that only 50 cases exist in the entire country, yet one state, Florida, is under a state of emergency? What’s next, martial law? People really need to realize that we don’t live in a world of coincidences, we live in a world of financial opportunity. This virus is looking more and more like a perfect capitalistic prototype which may trump all others before it, including swine flu and the infamous ebola. The idea that a vaccine was already in the works 9-months prior to this fear mongering chaotic Zika frenzy that’s draped over us is certainly very telling. In four months, a Zika virus vaccine will be available and sadly, pregnant women coast to coast will line up for the jab. Pregnant women, the same ones afraid of sushi, will readily take a needle filled with who knows what? And really, for what reason? What are the odds of even getting the Zika virus? Well, a pregnant woman might try her hand at the lottery, according to Medical Entomologist and Mosquito Control Contractors Inc. president Glenn Stokes, where he was quoted in Iberianet.com.

“The chances of it getting bad are going to be very low.” Stokes said Wednesday. “The mosquito is not active in cooler weather and it doesn’t fly very far.”

If you get in line for this vaccine, I’d definitely try your hand at the winnings. It may be your day to become a billionaire. One thing is for sure, another pharmaceutical company is about to get even richer themselves. Sanofi SA, a France-based pharmaceutical, is already working on a Zika virus vaccine as well. The sharks are circling.


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