John Kerry Admits Building #7 Was A Controlled Demolition

Now, did I just hear John Kerry say building number #7 was brought down in a controlled fashion to prevent more damage?

The media has a way of moving people forward and forgetting the issues that really count as you are about to see in the following videos.


So if the American people are to understand this correctly, during the collapse of the the World Trade Center (Twin Towers) They called up a team of demo experts and rushed them into a building that may not be safe and they planted explosives to do a controlled demo before it did any other damage. These demo experts did all of this in less than 8 hours and dropped building #7 in it’s own foot print?

What an amazing story!

Listen to Kerry very carefully as he tries to cover up what he just said by saying he really doesn’t have enough information to answer this question, and this is the very first time anyone from the public ever brought this question up as far as he knows! Are you Kidding Me?

How bold do the lies have to be before America wakes up and calls fraud on this whole government take down of the United States of America?

– See more at: http://realitieswatch.com/john-kerry-admits-building-7-controlled-demolition/#sthash.9uNp2VVG.dpuf



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