Dr Bradstreet’s colleague (& my friend/neighbor) found dead here in Florida


Hours after my friend Paige Adams died locally in Florida, just miles from me,  they announced she “died of Lyme disease”.  My better half, Dr. Mercola, finds that unusual, as do the world renowned  Lyme literate MDs I know. In fact, they explained you don’t just “die of Lyme disease” as was announced,  and the experts told me an autopsy should be conducted on this young woman. 

I knew Paige,  as she lived locally and asked to visit us  at the house days before our death. I too was diagnosed with Lyme through a positive western blot test.  I wrote a book about Lyme. I ask my family that if I too am found dead that they at least do an autopsy on me. Unless there is a coroner handy or I am in a hospital, which was not the case, then I wouldn’t want my poor distraught parents making such assumptions about my cause of death.

I feel terribly for her family. I grieve for them. Again, I hope they do an autopsy. I speak with other families of the recently deceased in holistic health community, and the ones who didn’t wish they had.

The photo above is Paige working with her close colleague – the late Dr. Bradstreet who was found dead in a river.  Like the other holistic practitioners found dead; she was outspoken on vaccines and autism and shared my stories about the mysterious deaths many times over.  It is sad to see people making such assumptions before any autopsy is done (that we know of) I think my friend Paige at least deserves that much.

I have lost so many friends since I started gently breaking the news of the holistic doctor deaths (starting with Dr. Bradstreet in June) that I don’t even know what to do.

I just wrote about  Dr. Floyd, who lived locally and was found dead one week ago. He was a chiropractor and clinical professor here at Palmer College in Florida. He and his wife ran our local Natural Awakenings magazine and were wonderful. I’d known him ten years. They lived a matter of miles away from us.

Now it saddens me greatly to announce the death of Dr. Bradstreet’s colleague (and my personal friend) Paige Adams FNP-BC, who was found dead. Just like our friend Dr. Floyd, She died  just a matter of minutes away from me here on the East Coast of Florida.

Paige Adams, was living between Nashville and here in our local community.  She had actually written me just days ago to come by the house  to see me and my better half (also a prominent holistic doctor).

Video of Dr Bradstreet with Paige Adams where he praises his colleague and friend.


There is allegedly no cause of death at this time, as her page (we were friends on Facebook) shows she posted less than 24 hours ago. She was  young and battled Lyme (full disclosure- I was diagnosed with Lyme 2 years ago through a blood test)  I would recommend an autopsy as I have for other families of the deceased. Some tell me they wish they’d had an autopsy performed on their family member.

Paige even shared a controversial video of mine on her professional page just late last night– from my Health Nut News page. She also posted frequently on my Facebook page with her great wisdom and insight.

Paige had  asked  if I wanted to come to work for her as a medical director at her clinic (I’ll post some screen shots of that in a bit),  but I was too busy with this site or I’d have loved to have worked with such a brilliant mind.


She posted others articles of mine and talked openly online (I have screen shots) about the mysterious doctor deaths that I reported on. She was also outspoken about vaccines and helping children with autism.

It is said she died at home in her sleep from Lyme (She and I talked about Lyme as we were both diagnosed by it) But that was said just hours after she died at home. Again, just days ago she wanted to come by the house while she was out.
So, for the record,  if I am found dead- I’d appreciate someone doing an autopsy and hope my dear parents don’t say I died because of Lyme at such a young age without an autopsy.  I lose about a friend a week, so at this point – I like hard evidence for cause of death. Even my own.

Paige was obviously well respected by Dr Bradstreet and other amazing colleagues; some of whom have been recently found dead.

Our heart goes out to Paige’s friends and family.  It breaks my heart to report on so many doctors we knew.  Our friend, Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez,  died this past summer and they said it was a heart attack.  After the autopsy was done his wife (who I met in last month) announced publicly that it was not a heart attack like originally thought. Last time I checked- I was told they had no cause of death.

I feel so badly not having met up with her just days ago,  as she’d written asking to come by the house and talk to us.  Again, heart goes out to loved ones. I have no idea if these deaths are coincidental or not, but I’ll keep reporting on them so long as I can.

This is Erin Elizabeth on the E Coast of Florida, Feb 1st 2015

– See more at: http://www.healthnutnews.com/dr-bradstreets-close-colleague-my-friendneighbor-found-dead-here-in-florida/#sthash.69NjCDPS.dpuf

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