The government of the Netherlands just took a huge step to protect its citizens and banned Monsanto’s super-toxic pesticide Roundup – and it’s time more countries did the same. The pesticide is widely known to contaminate soil and water, causing devastating health problems in humans who are exposed to it.

This is a huge victory. Monsanto fought this law every step of the way, but the Dutch parliament did what was right. No matter how hard Monsanto tries to bend the law to its will, the Agri-giant can be defeated.

Now, we’re calling on other governments throughout Europe to follow the Dutch example and ban the sale of Roundup, Monsanto’s hugely profitable poison.

Sign the petition to ban the sale of Roundup Europe-wide and protect our health from Monsanto’s designer chemicals.

Scientific studies – the ones not funded by Monsanto – and health experts agree that Roundup is dangerous. And it’s everywhere. Roundup is one of the most popular weedkillers in the world, and it’s one of the most common pollutants in soil and water. When a farmer sprays crops with Roundup, the chemical sinks into the ground and leaches into the water. It’s in the food that we eat and the water that we drink. The result? Cancer, kidney damage, birth defects – those are just a few of Roundup’s effects on our bodies.

What’s more, Roundup is the excuse Monsanto uses to push GMOs into our food supply. Since Roundup kills so many plants, Monsanto sells “Roundup Ready” seeds of corn, wheat, and other plants, made in a lab and engineered to thrive in toxic soil. Farmers who use Monsanto’s weedkiller have no choice but to buy Monsanto’s genetically modified seeds, too. Without Roundup, healthy, natural plants would out-compete Monsanto’s laboratory creations.

Banning Roundup just makes sense. But it’s going to take all of us speaking up to make it happen

Tell more governments to join the Dutch parliament and make the sale of Monsanto’s toxin illegal throughout Europe.


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