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Research Study

Chronic Spinal Pain


“Is excess weight related to chronic spinal pain?”

This research study explores whether there is a relationship between excess weight and chronic spinal pain.

The subjects of the study were 152 patients (71 males, 81 females) suffering from chronic spinal pain. Each patient had their Body Mass Index (BMI) evaluated for a period of 6 months.

The results of the study was measured by comparing the BMI of the patients in the study with the BMI of the general population as recorded by the Australian Bureau of Statistics. The patients were approximately 3 to 4 kg beyond the upper limit of ideal weight with an average of 7.4 years history of considerable spinal pain. Their average age was 42 years old.


It was found out that the average BMI of the patients (26.3) was the same as that of the overall population. Among the subjects in this study, 52.6% were either overweight or obese while the figure for the general population was 55.5%.

Peter G. Baker and Lynton G.F. Giles,
Chiropractic Journal of Australia 1999, Vol. 29, 51-54

  The results of this research study suggest that chronic spinal pain may not be related to excess weight.

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