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Research Study

Position of Labour


“Randomised, controlled trial of squatting in the second stage of labour”.

This prospective, controlled trial was published in the Lancet Journal in 1989.  The study involved 427 pregnant woman and it compared the outcome of labour in women randomly allocated to one of two types of labour positions. One group of 218 was allocated to squatting and the other group of 209 to the conventional semi-recumbent position.


The squatting group had significantly fewer forceps deliveries (9% compared to 16%).

The squatting group also had significantly shorter second stage than the semi-recumbent group, (average time pushing 31min as compared to 45 min.)
Gardosi J; Hutson NLancet 1989; 2(8654): 74-7 / Medline ID: 89294852

    This study suggests the ‘conventional’ position for labour may not be the best.

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