Breaking: New Documentary Exposes CDC Cover-Up of Autism-Vaccine Link

On July 29, 2015, Florida Congressman Bill Posey dropped a bombshell on the House floor: that documents potentially linking vaccines to higher autism risks had been “thrown in the garbage” after a meeting of CDC officials.

Now, nearly six months later, that bomb is poised to explode, as the website TruthinMedia.com and award-winning investigative reporter Ben Swann have released a new short film detailing shocking revelations within the documents linking vaccines to autism, as well as higher risks to African American children.

Both of these key findings were left out of official reports according to Swann, who was the first journalist given access to the full documents by Congressman Posey (who received them from CDC whistleblower Dr. William Thompson).

Screenshot from the documentary.

“You watch this story and I promise you will never see this issue the same way again because the first step toward truth is to be informed,” Swann says.

CDC Engaged in “Massive Corruption”

“This is a story of massive corruption within the CDC in an attempt to change research, protocols, and ultimately hide their own findings,” Swann says. “What I’m sharing with you is not theory…this is a documented case of massive corruption.”

Swann found that a famous 2001 CDC study, one that showed that kids with autism are “slightly more likely” to have gotten the MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) vaccine, did not give the full details in its official report.

Language was changed to downplay risks of the vaccine, the documents show. In addition, the study’s results have also been into question as it was revealed that its protocols were changed about 5 times over the course of the study according to Dr. Brian Hooker, who was interviewed for the segment. As the CDC continued to see results that were not in accordance with their own narrative that vaccines are safe, they continually changed the way the studies were conducted, effectively changing the results as they went along.

In addition:

-Results showing higher risks of autism in African American children from the vaccine were taken off the final spreadsheet

-It was shown that there was a higher use of MMR vaccines in “isolated” autism cases, but the final report changed that language to say “co-morbid” instead of “isolated (the term essentially means multiple diseases that occur simultaneously; this change had the effect of making it look far less likely that the vaccines themselves were the major cause of the autism cases).

For more on this landmark report, the history of similar vaccine studies, and to read the full documents provided by CDC whistleblower Thompson, check out the article and video from TruthinMedia.com by clicking here.




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