No Jab, No Pay : Australia’s Government Mandated Terrorism


No Jab, No Pay : Australia’s Government Mandated Terrorism

How absolutely fitting that the focus of the current terror campaign by the media is on France, where terror originated. How sad that as the Australian government wages a ‘war on terror’ they are in reality waging a war on the health and very lives of our children and elderly – under our noses. *



According to the FBI : “Terrorism is the unlawful use of force and violenceagainst persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof, in furtherance of political or social objectives.”

According to Dictionary.com : “The use of violence and threats to intimidate orcoerce…the state of fear and submission produced by terrorism or terrorization.

Origin of the Word TERRORISM OR ‘THE TERROR’

According to the Oxford Dictionary, the initial use of the words Terror was actually a GOVERNMENT INTIMIDATION used by the French Government which lead to the French Revolution. How odd then, that as our western governments focus on France as the centre of the current ‘terror’ situation, they are systematically waging a war against the most fragile groups in today’s world – children and the elderly.


Memorise these words in italics. Mark them. Research them. And then compare them to the following information.

Forget that we are already facing a tidal wave within a relatively small community, of forced homelessness, poverty, suicide and ostracisation as an increasing number of parents discover (the hard way) the ‘rare’ side effects of these ticking time bombs. Forget that our troops are legal, mandatory guinea pigs for vaccines considered too toxic for use on the civilian population (see my other post on this subject with list of vaccines).


Bound by law within our own Constitution, it is written :

Our government prohibits civil conscription in order to receive welfare or childcare benefits (Section 51, 23A).”

Bound by law by international human rights laws (Article 6, section 1 ofUniversal Declaration of Bioethics and Human Rights) as stated: “Any preventative, diagnostic and/or medical intervention is only to be carried out with the prior, free and informed consent of the person concerned, based on adequate information. This consent cannot be coerced out of any individual by way of financial blackmail.”

Even within our own government vaccine handbook (which no doubt is now being re-written as fast as documents, websites and public information on vaccine facts are being erased) it is stated:

For consent to be legally valid, the following elements must be present: It must be given voluntarily, in the absence of undue pressure, coercion or manipulation.”



Like all terrorists, our government is aware of these facts. Submissions made in order to plead, question and halt the go-ahead of the No Jab No Pay Act were either ignored or our politicians are selectively illiterate. Not only was the Act rushed through prior to all submissions (many of which were not accepted through a convenient game of pedantics – officially hundreds, however behind-the-scenes investigations estimate thousands) our politicians ignored thousands of vaccine injury cases and deaths to hurry the Act through parliament. In a democracy, we are looking more and more like a dictatorship.

CHALLENGE OUR LEADERS TO TAKE ALL THE VACCINES IN ADULT DOSES TODAY  by hovering over the orange letters, click to petition and take action. Please also read personal stories of those affected.



Most will say no. But then most are not familiar with the small print of vaccine research, which is not available to the general public. Yet the act of vaccinationphysically hurts a child, with the belief that it is for the greater good. The following are injuries sustained from the act of vaccination – step away from the scene and transpose the result into another scenario. For argument’s sake, let’s compare it to a siege – which it would be in any other media-led propaganda breaking-news story.

In ANY other situation, one would believe it is indeed an act of terror –

  • Violence
  • Intimidation
  • Coercion
  • Force
  • Threats
  • Fear
  • Submission
  • Injury

The habit of the government to vilify and hound whistleblowers through the court system, even to their untimely deaths is another act of terrorism that goes on unhindered. Dr Archie Kalokerinos exposed acts of terrorism against Indigenous babies – his decades of study should have been a red flag for the government to work out the real reason infant mortality among our Indigenous was/is/always has been (since invasion) so high. But in 2015, medical students are now taught that he was a ‘baby killer’ – such is the clever spin of a clever government.


Truthfully if Every Second Child were to die in ANY other sector of the community (think wealthy western suburbs of Perth) imagine the outcry against this terror. If Fiona Stanley, (who refused point blank to even consider the mass murders going on in WA’s Kimberley even in the 80s when I lobbied media, PMH and government to what I personally saw and lost my career over), saw this happen to any group today I am sure she would receive another massive grant or even have a hospital named in her honour. Oh wait….



Officially, the vaccine reporting system screens (filters) reports made by parents. Instead, only a portion of injuries are reported by doctors – usually only due to active lobbying and insistence by the parents involved. True stats are not available to the public – and people who do make reports are hounded and stalked – terrorised. Deaths are usually attributed to other causes – includinginnocent parents. Sometimes they even put a formerly healthy baby’s death down to natural causes. What is natural about the death of a baby who was healthy prior to the doctor’s visit? Mostly ‘good’ lawyers will find a hole in the family’s lifestyle – their religion, their diet (especially if vegan or vegetarian) – even their nationality.



What more violent, forceful and terrifying than a cerebral reaction so severe that it literally explodes an infant’s brain? Rather than admit this reaction, a new syndrome was invented (shaken baby syndrome) – government cover ups are not new – but these are newborn babies!

The history of vaccination is not the ‘great discovery’ that the media would have us believe. It was protested by ethical health experts from the start. It killed and maimed from the start.



I am sure that any educated person, or individuals wanting to understand the fuss, would see the following, which is just a fragment of the warnings included on package inserts of vaccines given to newborns and elderly especially, as acts of terror.

The following list includes only the violent results of vaccine injury, not accounting for slow burn reactions or reports that people are now beingforcefully vaccinated at gunpoint in many parts of the world (we’re too civilised to do that in Australia. We just rob and bribe them while forcing them onto the streets).


  • Brain haemorrhage
  • Pain – acute and ongoing
  • Bleeding
  • Brain damage
  • Spontaneous miscarriage
  • Stillbirth
  • Brain swelling
  • Paralysis
  • Infertility
  • Cerebral injury resulting in seizures
  • Sudden death
  • Use of aborted fœtus cell lines
  • Contain listed/scheduled poisons
  • Rapid onset Alzheimers


In acts or terror – even if there are one or two deaths, it is a national emergency, affecting every TV station, every newspaper and every conversation. Everyone becomes paranoid and thinks it could happen to them. Yet vaccine injury, suffering and death happen every single day en masse and the very people who attempt to warn others are labelled lunatics or even baby killers.


As children we learn to identify bullies, understand stranger danger and eventually learn to discern right from wrong/good from bad/truth from lies. All of this is based on education, guidance and what we see/read/hear. In 2015, our entire media coverage is based on what a very small, controlling minority want us to see/read/hear. It affects our parents, our teachers, leaders and eventually, us. Without even understanding, we believe it – in fact our whole life is based on this.

STAND UP FOR YOUR CHILD’S LIFE – SIGN AND SHARE THIS PETITION TO GET EVERY LEADER TO VACCINATE IN PUBLIC by hovering over the orange letters, click to petition and take action. Please also read personal stories of those affected.

Would you agree to be led by someone you love and trust, into a room with a stranger and allow them to hurt you? Yet we stand there with our children and FORCE them to let this happen, despite their screams. And when they get that fever, or rash, or suffer seizures, we tell them it’s for their own good? How can children discern between good and bad, truth and lies when their own parents can’t even see it?


How can it be, that parents are in jail for manslaughter of their babies, while thereal killers continue on their very legal, heavily pharma/government funded rampage?

How can it be, that parents plead with doctors that their former perfectly healthy baby was vaccine injured, only to be dismissed and forced to continue to repeat those vaccines?

How can it be, that educated, dedicated health experts either fail in their duty of care, or choose to ignore what is in front of them – choosing to coerce and scare parents – against their wishes – to poison their children?

How can it be, that educated, pro active parents (some who have learned the hard way) can be forced to allow strangers who are free from liability, to use their children as guinea pigs? Government websites now advise fabricated ‘facts’ to scare parents into believing that their children are not safe or healthy unless they are full of these poisons. That they will die if they are not poisoned. That somehow, God left out one factor – the immune system. If so safe, why do all vaccine advisory sites and pamphlets offer emergency advice similar to what is on offer by chemical and nuclear plants?


Terrorists believe they are doing something for a reason. They believe it. Their violent and vulgar acts kill dozens, hundreds – occasionally thousands. Vaccine injury kills thousands every single year. Just like there are secret associations which log and follow terrorism, there is a secret association which follows vaccine injury – including death.


We are not talking about rashes or fevers or even a little swelling. We are talking deaths as a direct result of something pretending to be ‘good’ for us – there for the ‘greater good’.

  • Over 1200 infant deaths every year in Australia (Source ABS 2006b).
  • Minimum of 5% of these deaths are attributed to SIDS.
  • 47% of all childhood deaths are related to query vaccine related causes (juvenile cancer, neurological damage).
  • Over 300,000 Australian children are disabled (neurological damage).

The Australian Government is in the throes of active terrorism.

I challenge our media, legal experts, leaders with the guts to take a stand, parents and health experts across the country to expose and act against the decision in unison. If they can overthrow a government overnight, if they can change leadership 6 times in 5 years, if they can blatantly ignore their own Constitution, they can overthrow a poorly-made decision.

And they can protect the citizens of their nation from the pharma-funded terrorism.



This is just for one year – in Australia alone – and these are only the ones officially ‘agreed’ to by medical experts. Please bear in mind the number of terror-related injuries and deaths are but a fraction of the vaccine-related injuries and deaths – (source – TGA) – it’s interesting to see the low number of deaths on official records considering the number of parents reporting otherwise –

VACCINE                    INJURY                    DEATH
Hib                        870                       3
Flu                        644                       1
DTP                        2211                      2
MMR                        1151                      2
BCG                        52                        0
Rotavirus                  781                       2
HPV                        879                       0
Hep B                      113                       0
Polio                      14                        0
Pneumococcal               1194                      2
Varicella                  223                       0
Hep A                      51                        0
Vit K#                     2                         1

(#Not a vaccine but has somehow slipped through the medical ethics net and is now believed by parents to be a vaccination and ‘urgently needed’ in every birth).

  • The above stats were of healthy individuals
  • The above stats were not sick prior to vaccinations
  • The above stats were a select portion of actual reports

Even with these watered down (but still astounding) results three things must be clearly considered – and will be, by intelligent, objective individuals –

1) These stats are for Australia alone, in just one year

2) They far eclipse all terrorist activity as reported in the media

3) The reports in the media of other terrorist activity is reported for the ‘wellbeing of the public’ yet the same respect is not afforded to unwitting parents of children, and families of elderly who are succumbing at an alarming rate.


The nation does not come to a standstill each time someone dies of vaccine injury.

No awards are given to survivors or parents of those who were killed by vaccine injury.

Lives are dispensable ‘for the greater good’. (Research scientist’s words,  not mine.)

Help us put the spotlight on the illegal activity of the Australian government. This new No Jab No Pay policy is in contravention of the Australian Constitution. If vaccines are so safe, so effective, then the decision makers, vaccine manufacturers, media heads and all their families won’t mind taking this challenge. Sign and share IMMEDIATELY

*Sad little men in black suits playing CIA games (ASIO) are well aware of the hacking/alerts going on if someone so much sniffs at the thought of investigating vaccine injury. Try it – go onto any government website and search every vaccine – you will be lucky to get through the first half dozen before your computer goes haywire. Coincidence…..

For safe, affordable, effective and ethical home health care, be pro active for your family’s health now.

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  1. Original complete post courtesy of Chrysalis Integrated Health – found at chrysalisintegratedhealth.org


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